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Posted on December 19 at 6:31 a.m.

SBCAG Board has just bluntly snubbed Schneider by denying her its Board chairmanship, which she would have normally rotated into. Instead SBCAG put in the Mayor of Solvang: BECAUSE HE WILL FAST TRACK WIDENING THE 101, and Schneider has outrageously asked for public lawsuits against doing this!! C'mon, Helene, you gotta pack it in and begin working for residents of the CITY OF SB, of which you are ostensibly the mayor. Or are you? Please show your seriousness by reviving the City Pension Plan reform you ONCE cared about in Sept. 2012.

On Highway Project Promises to Ruin City Traffic

Posted on December 19 at 6:17 a.m.

'honest and sincere advice' still translates to: get yourself and your wonderful daughter out of town: try Lompoc or Santa Maria. No, the mom's not "entitled" to live in SB, but assuming she's willing to work does she have the right to an opportunity to live in our golden paradise?

On In Search of Home

Posted on December 19 at 6:12 a.m.

agree ETR, and 'ol Jarv apparently does flourish in his fantasy-land where everyone has that "nest egg of at least $400,000 ...if you have planned well for your future[.]" as 'ol Jarv implies HE has. Stats show the average American about to retire with Jarv's favored 401(K) pseudo-retirement has just $80,000 in it. Jarvis, you've been a 1% mouthpiece so long you've begun to believe your own arrant Gilded Age gibberish. Sad, you occasionally sound intelligent and well-read.

On No CLASS in Affordable Care Act

Posted on December 18 at 6:20 a.m.

agree salsipuedes when you write "the burden of proof is on the accuser[.]" in our legal system, but would you also agree that in the public court of our suffocating social media Cosby has already been tried and immediately "tarred and feathered" with a destroyed reputation, public humiliation, and public scorn at age 77.
I won't so far as nativegeo's sarcastic [and hilarious] gibe that our country should " longer tolerate[s] young white hussies seducing innocent and elderly black males." ! IF Cosby has done any of these things of which he's been accused in the media, then he should pay criminally. But if he hasn't done them, then he's been hanged, drawn, and quartered unfairly, ; flailed by the internet.

On When Accusations of Rape Disturb the "Natural Order of Things"

Posted on December 18 at 6:12 a.m.

I concur whosecity, and poor Helene's contortions in this piece aren't fun to observe.
Yeah, I certainly DO wish you had gotten into this 5 years ago, Helene. And you thus admit you got into these highway obsessions after the fact: hey look, the voters, from the entire COUNTY, want this built and built the CalTrans way without your holy left-side ramps! You note the Measure A monies "come[s] from S.B. County taxpayers".
Why not tend to more pressing CITY of SB matters, oh mayor? Why not revive your thoughtful Sept. 2012 four-point reform package, which included important and NEEDED SB City public pension reforms?! Why not work more for the direct benefit of THE CITY OF SB rather than place future career placement above the needs of our City?

On Highway Project Promises to Ruin City Traffic

Posted on December 17 at 4:21 p.m.

I live in this area and also often walk over the Micheltorena St. bridge. Since the stabbing outside the corner liquor store [Micheltorena and Chino Streets] there certainly have been a lot more police cars around our area which is a good thing. Likely this was part of that much-increased presence.

On Racial Profiling on the Westside

Posted on December 17 at 4:45 a.m.

no, not puzzled at all dewdly when you rhetorically ask "Isn't anyone puzzled by the fact that when Obama took office in 2009 he could have called for a criminal investigation of George W. Bush for authorizing and overseeing his administration's well-documented torture program?" Obama clearly stated he wouldn't go after them. Remember, it was 2008 and the then-new Pres. was gonna be the Healer, the Unifier, he was going to work WITH the GOP etc. Since McConnell and the GOP (and alter Sen. Cruz) made it abundantly clear they would NEVER work with O., even for the overall benefit of the USA, O has mainly gotten us the ACA (good) and out of some wars. In hindsight, maybe O. wishes he HAD gone after Cheney esp., and Bush, and all those other criminals in high office.

On Reaction to CIA torture report?

Posted on December 17 at 4:39 a.m.

well yeah...humanity's undoubtedly FUBAR on all counts, but are we actually a VIRUS?

On Christmas Naughty List

Posted on December 16 at 6:35 p.m.

good point, Thorns4 are easy "click-bait", and Diana sends the same tripe to the News-Suppress and other pubs who dutifully put her views out there. Inane.

On Christmas Naughty List

Posted on December 16 at 6:34 p.m.

Now Cosby's spouse, Camille, has come out all for her man. She makes the point that the media has failed to adequately check out the "truth" in the accusations of these 20 women...and notes Rolling Stone's embarrassing mistake in a similar matter. How does one disprove a negative?

On When Accusations of Rape Disturb the "Natural Order of Things"

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