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Posted on September 28 at 11:09 p.m.

When the writer suggests that the Chinese who, prior to constructing high speed rail system and roads, conquered Tibet, forcing out the government of a peaceful people, while unleashing unremitting cruel punishment on innocents, should be hired to widen 101, I can only shake my head and write this small comment.

Democracy is messy, damned messy. but advocating that local citizens' should have "some say" (meaning lip service to be ignored) about how government should treat them is almost surprising. But, maybe not. There are many in Congress who advocate shutting down the government entirely.

Sometimes, it seems, a minority should control things. Other times, they should be ignored. Rather than trying to decide which is best is rarely a matter of principle. Too often, it is simply a matter of power.

On Widen the 101 Now

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