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Posted on November 9 at 2:14 p.m.

In the Oct. 16 issue of the smugnificent Montecito Journal, the MWD's Tom Mosby wrote a letter to the editor claiming that recycled water isn't cost effective. He claimed it would cost $15M to provide recycled water to 1% of its customers. It wasn't clear to me whether that 1% alluded to 1% of accounts or 1% of potable water used.

That "1%" included the SB cemetery, parks, schools, private golf courses, and agricultural users.

Mosby's letter was in response to a previous letter from Save the Ocean's Hilary Hauser who suggested expanding the use of recycled water.

On Drought Emergency Persists Despite Trick-or-Treat Rains

Posted on November 9 at 11:41 a.m.

In addition to Denton, TX, San Benito CA also passed oil drilling regulations similar to Measure P. Chevron and the other oil companies spent less than half of what they spent here in San Benito.

On Burger King Election Whoppers

Posted on November 9 at 11:22 a.m.

On the one hand, those Harleys that can set off car alarms are way too noisy.

On the other hand, I don't want my own motorcycle to be too quiet because I count on the exhaust's noise as a safety feature to let car drivers know I'm on the road with them. I've been almost hit too many times due to inattentive drivers.

No way I'll ever get an electric street motorcycle in this town. That's asking to get hit by a car.

On Noisy Motorcycle Exhaust Offends

Posted on November 9 at 11:10 a.m.

Not sure about disc golf. One of the things that makes the Evergreen course in Goleta so fun to play at is the variety of terrain. At Muni, it's just open expanses of grass, no?

And if you look at the average disc golfer, income levels aren't on par (pun intended) with that of traditional golfers so they won't add much to the revenue stream.

On Privatizing the Muni Links?

Posted on November 9 at 10:48 a.m.

East Berlin was a dreary place for this inexperienced traveler in the 80's. I recall dull gray concrete buildings and the sense that eyes were on us everywhere.

@Checkpoint Charlie, we learned we weren't allowed to leave without surrendering our eastern Marks. So me and the rest of the kids in our group ran around desperately to find candy or other goodies to buy. Surrendering our coins was made a little easier because they were minted from aluminum and seemed kind of cheesy.

On East Berlin Through 10-Year-Old Eyes

Posted on November 4 at 10:44 a.m.

Well documented (pun intended) problems with cyclic steaming:

- Well casing under high pressure increases probability of failure & groundwater intrusion.

- Requires enormous amounts of water. Locals have been documented using waste water that could have been used for landscaping and reduced the need for potable water.

- Requires enormous amounts of energy to heat that water to ~500F. Burning diesel/gas generators dumps carbon into the atmosphere.

Shame on all the oil industry shills.

On Extreme Extraction Danger

Posted on November 4 at 10:36 a.m.

Speaking as a former TA/RA @UCSB, I would have flunked 14noscams.

On Extreme Extraction Danger

Posted on November 4 at 2:02 a.m.

More spurious dot connecting by 14noscams .. in response to:

"polluted wastewater was being injected directly into groundwater supplies used for drinking and agriculture"

14noscams says, "these substances are naturally occurring"

Irrelevant. The oil companies got a hold of wastewater laden with toxins and were injecting it into a groundwater basin. That's all you need to know.

14noscams is just an apologist for companies like Greka.

On Extreme Extraction Danger

Posted on November 4 at 1:38 a.m.

That minority committee report is old news.

It was a political hit piece from big oil backers in the Senate. I read it when it first came out ... and landed on numerous right-wing blog sites the next day.

Obviously orchestrated propaganda.

On Measure P Money Creeps Up

Posted on November 3 at 1:38 a.m.

"Do they want to remain dependent on foreign oil? "
-- Maria Sanguinetti, San Jose

Maria, who do you think controls this dependence? Do you think the oil companies are keeping as much domestically produced oil in the U.S. as possible? Do you think that after all the cost and pollution of shipping in foreign oil that the oil companies are going to do the right thing and keep the gasoline made from that foreign oil here in the U.S. for you and me?

Nope. They sell it wherever they can make the most money, even if it means shipping to Asia! That's exactly what Chevron is doing right now. Gasoline refined in their Richmond, CA and Gulf Coast refineries is being shipped overseas:

In fact, oil exports have risen steeply and are at their highest levels in over 40 years:

Allowing Chevron and other oil companies to drill using risky methods so they can send the resulting gasoline overseas is *not* worth the sacrificing the safety of our local water and air.

On No on P

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