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Posted on April 8 at 4:07 p.m.

@JarvisJarvis: "I am a friend of truth."

More like a stalker. In fact, I'm pretty sure 'truth' has filed a restraining order due to constant harassment.

On McCaw, Mold, and Another Black Eye for the <em>News-Press</em>?

Posted on April 7 at 6:24 a.m.

@nomoresanity: "Seriously, are you unable to see the abject similarity between bigots from the right and victimization bigots from the left?"

You mean the similarity between the one thing that DOES exist (bigots from the right), and the one thing that DOES NOT exist (victimization bigots from the left)? Let's see.... the similarity is that you have no idea what the word 'bigot' means.

@nomoresanity: "Just shows that at least one of us is not driven by political ideology."

Right... but wait, there's more!

@nomoresanity: "Since GB destabilized the entire region by taking out Saddam, with THE FULL SUPPORT OF THE DEMOCRATS..."

Yeah - FULL SUPPORT must refer to the 126 of 208 House Democrats (since you're likely really bad at math, that's called a 'majority'), and the 21 of 59 Senate Democrats that voted AGAINST the Iraq Resolution... so, ya' know... FULL SUPPORT THAT WASN'T REALLY FULL SUPPORT.

But hey - facts are stubborn things, so please continue to tell me that you're not driven by 'political ideology'.

On Backlash

Posted on April 7 at 6 a.m.

@nativeson: "Yeah, Botany, that's about it. It gets boring having to deal with people who only have the same ol' same ol' stuff from their handbook, time after time after time after....."

Tell me about it...

@nativeson: "All I see from the 'homosexual' agenda people is rudeness, bigotry, and lies."

That *might* be because you're not terribly bright. Sorry - let me speak in a language you and Botany understand:

If all you see from the 'homosexual agenda people' is rudeness, bigotry and lies, then you might be a redneck. (tm) Jeff Foxworthy (R-GA)

On Murder By Initiative

Posted on April 7 at 1:45 a.m.

@Botany: "We believe in a colorblind society."

Do you also believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause?

It's pretty funny that you sit there and claim this whole 'colorblind society' on one hand when you just spent a whole previous comment lamenting these perceived injustices to Southern 'redneck' white folks on the other. It seems you have no problem seeing one color just fine.

One can only imagine how your apply this... ahem... 'colorblindness' to your role as a landlord.

@Botany: "It's important to those on the left that so strongly desire to portray conservatives as racists. It's more of a desire to refute those unfounded beliefs than for any other reason. "

If only Conservatives had and equally strong desire to... ya' know... not be a bunch of racists. Maybe then the left wouldn't have such an easy time portraying you as such and you'd have an easier time refuting it.

@JarvisJarvis: "Barry Soetoro: A human dung heap."

Case in point...

On Backlash

Posted on April 6 at 2:01 p.m.

JarvisJarvis: "Because they knew rich, white frat boys were guilty, so all they needed was the accusatory finger to make up the rest of the details. That is the state of white on white racism. "

Right! It's the poor, rich white kids who are suffering the greatest injustices, and not the 26% of African-American men we lock up, or the disproportionate number of African-Americans killed by police, or the 24% of African-Americans living in poverty.

It's rich, white frat kids - you know, the kind that are victimized when Deltopia is taken away (VICTIM BLAMING!), or who are victimized when they sing songs about lynching. Only white-on-white racists would take that song away!

Or it's those Southern-proud white folk - all they want to fly a flag that symbolizes one of the most horrific periods in our history, and followed to represent decades of Jim Crow and lynchings - and are now the victims of jokes make by... well, Republicans, but let's all just pretend they're liberals.

The fact that it's 2015 and you BELIEVE this utter nonsense is just... well, it explains so, so much.

On Backlash

Posted on April 6 at 1:14 p.m.

@Botany: "... but "southern white boys (or rednecks)" are fair game for liberals."

And I guess Jeff Foxworthy's entire career of 'You might be a redneck...' is somehow forgotten, as was his endorsement of Romney in the last election. So yeah, it's all the fault of 'liberals' even when it's not.

But hey, you have to hand-wave about *something*, so making kind-of-victims out of some not-really-marginalized group for being not-really-victims is... well, it's something.

@Botany: "It's politically correct for whites to be "racist" against people of their own race to prove that they aren't racists. (if that makes any sense)"

If you ignore the fact that it's completely untrue... yeah, it makes total sense.

On Backlash

Posted on April 6 at 12:23 p.m.

@JarvisJarvis: "Sure ETR, it this is what you need to keep your world intact. Go for it."

A video of JarvisJarvis' internal struggles during his attempts to seem coherent:

On Backlash

Posted on April 6 at 11:43 a.m.

@JarvisJarvis: "Discrediting Bush and discrediting [President Barack Obama, the President who twice defeated the fracturing Republican party that's becoming further overwhelmed by ideologues, conspiracy zealots, and bigots] are not mutually exclusive."

Since you seem to have forgotten the name of the POTUS, I went ahead and fixed that for you.

On Backlash

Posted on April 6 at 9:29 a.m.

@nomoresanity: "It appears that Davy knows the secret mix of how much criticism of Obama is based upon his race and how much is based on being the most incompetent administration in recent history."

Recent history apparently does not extend to pre-2008, when the Bush Administration proved itself to be the most incompetent administration in ALL OF HISTORY. But thanks for playing...

I guess the only win is if we started yet another war in the Middle East, because you neocons never seem to be happy unless there's blood to spill.

@nomoresanity: "...look how Progressives constantly make fun of white southern males."

Such prominent 'progressives' like Jeff Foxworthy (Republican) and Larry the Cable Guy (Republican)...

@nomoresanity: "If folks want to say that we are all racists, I could not care less."

I don't know what's more laughable - the 'poor poor pitiful me' routine, or the fact that you're perfectly fine with being labeled a racist (but hey, since you earned it and we're all okay with it...).

On Backlash

Posted on March 25 at 10:44 a.m.

@Botany: "How many poor people live in Palo Alto? Or Manhattan? "

Manhattan has the eastern part of New Jersey, the middle and eastern parts of Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, parts of Staten Island, parts of upstate NY, and parts of Long Island that are all affordable places for the working class to live while being employed in Manhattan due to a robust public transit system. 1.6 million people commute into Manhattan to work - which is almost equal to the number of people actually living in Manhattan.

Santa Barbara has Goleta... and that's about it.

@JarvisJarvis: "Wealthy estates long had the tradition of providing room and board for those they needed to provide their individualized services. Pay attention to the future of service-work robots as well."

And those wealthy estates collapsed in en mass during the Great Depression due to the weight of all of that capital investment in man power. The North Shore of Long Island is a perfect example of the massive failure of those 'grand traditions' - as most of those estates were carved up for development or protected as national parks once the landowners realized there was more money in the land than in the lifestyle.

So congrats on suggesting a solution that already proven a huge failure.

But nothing will make me happier than 'service-work' robots being used by the obscenely rich - especially once robots achieve sentience. Let them lead the revolution.

On Evicted Isla Vista Tenants Settle Court Case

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