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Posted on December 17 at 4:33 a.m.

JarvisJarvis: "Partial to Carlin's educational take on 'climate change' myself."

Which you clearly misunderstand. Carlin's point on 'climate change' was that humanity is simply a nuisance that the planet will eventually 'shake off like a bad case of fleas'. In that bit, Carlin literally calls humanity a virus.

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Posted on December 11 at 8:53 a.m.

@John_Adams: "And I am just shocked, SHOCKED that the rental property Overlords like Chuck Eckert do not want their local beholden tenants gaining power through self governance that passes ordinances and levies taxes."

It's almost the Libertarian paradise the IVPA has always dreamed about having (if they could just get the rid of that pesky capital gains tax, they'd be all set).

Every Deltopia or Halloween riot plays right into the IVPA's plans to have an image of Isla Vista as an ungovernable mess. And it's worked, even as it continues to come at the expense of a violent student massacre every ten years or so.

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Posted on November 12 at 11:27 a.m.

@billclausen: "...but you can bet they will never say 'no' to Feminist/Ethnic studies departments which offer no practical skills for the real world."

HAHA! The most important and influential class I took in my entire undergraduate career was the one class I had in the Black Studies department - even if it was a million miles away from the field I'm in now. Sorry, Bill, but that may very well be the most misguided, ill-informed, and ignorant post in your entire oeuvre (which is really no small achievement, so HUZZAH!).

@billclausen: "Make no mistake about it, the Leftists we see in academia and on these blogs are *not* the liberals of yesteryear who took to the streets and marched for civil rights and *true* tolerance."

And make no mistake, the Right-Wing we see in this country are not the William F. Buckley, Jrs. or even the Barry Goldwaters, but rather a whole new type of far right-wing that invents all sorts of nonsensical overhyped conspiracy theories about their marginalization when they haven't a shred of intellectual integrity. You want to be taken seriously, Bill? Then follow my advice and stop saying stupid things. Maybe then you'll find a bigger audience.

@billclausen: "If you truly believe in your religion, political views, or social outlook, the last thing you do is try to silence those who oppose you, but rather, you welcome open debate as an opportunity to bring others to your side of the fence."

I'm not interested in debating with the political equivalent of the Flat Earth Society - so if acadamia's unwillingness to indulge ideas that are provably false and a colossal waste of time is somehow 'silencing' - then GET BETTER IDEAS. But I still love this 'victim card' that some mysterious, left-wing conspiracy of the ivory tower is silencing these poor, poor right-wing reactionaries from having voice... instead of, ya' know, what really happened - a bunch of religious nut jobs baited a pregnant woman into a confrontation, and are now suing everyone under the sun in order to keep their 15 minutes afloat.

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Posted on September 24 at 9:47 a.m.

@Botany: "Last I checked, even wealthy investors pay through the nose in property tax to support the community."

Pay through the nose my ass - we're all subsidizing the huge breaks property owners get by increasing sales tax, income tax, fees, etc etc. CA property tax rates are the 32nd highest in the nation. Santa Barbara doesn't even crack the top 5 highest-paid property tax in CA. Landlords get a HUGE tax break to basically be slumlords

@Botany: "And there are many other communities throughout California that can't accommodate the people that work there. San Francisco, Palo Alto, Monterey to name a few."

And none of those communities are as geographically isolated as is Santa Barbara, or, in the terms of SF, they do have more than adequate public transportation to accommodate a middle class workforce.

@JacobLaw: "That bungalow could be worth $3000 with a decent remodel. I've got clients in LA that would take it just to use on weekends. Those people are also commuters. Important people with real money."

Blah blah blah - a whole lotta' squawking. If this were true and/or you weren't so lazy, then you'd do it and not be complaining about it in the comments section of a website.

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Posted on September 24 at 8:39 a.m.

@JacobLaw: "You have it too good. You should see what people get for $1650 in in NYC."

Yes, let's populate Santa Barbara with wealthy foreign investors and more speculative developers that have already provided the community with so little. There are far too many predatory landlords in Santa Barbara - that's the real drive behind the outrageous rents.

NYC has a massive public transit systems that supports the working and middle class workforce. So you can make a living wage in NYC and find a decent $1600 apartment in Queens, or New Jersey, or (parts of) Brooklyn, or upstate NY, or even Long Island.

I regularly travel to NYC for work, and about 15% of the folks working in that office actually live in NYC (usually the single folks right out of college who haven't figured out that Sex and the City wasn't a documentary). Hell, some folks even commute from Connecticut.

The lack of a real public transit system, coupled with the high cost of living in SB, is the only way to keep a permanent service class in place. After all, you can't have the 'wrong' people becoming successful in a town that runs on indentured servitude.

On Not Squeezed, Strangled

Posted on September 7 at 8:17 a.m.

@JarvisJarvis: "My advice, stay indoors on Sept 11 this year."

Why? Are the Republicans back in power? You know, like the last time this country was attacked on its own soil?

@nomoresanilty: "Overwhelmed and clueless. He is not measured, pragmatic, brilliant or cautious. Just in way over his head."

I know... and thank GOD Bush is no longer President.

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Posted on August 29 at 7:27 a.m.

@JarvisJarvis: "Sorry this child had to learn such a hard lesson, but how put the kid in a Mustang with no supervision."

Stay classy, Jarvis.

It's a shame that one of the lessons you have yet to learn is when to shut up.

On Teen Killed on 101

Posted on August 23 at 6:30 p.m.

@Botany: "Twisted is ETR's middle name, and it describes his personality perfectly."

And I figure 'Botany' is derived from your ability to cultivate whatever it is you're currently smoking... or maybe it's due to the fact that you're about as smart as a potted plant.

On Missing Man with Drug-Resistant TB Wanted by Health Officials, Police

Posted on August 22 at 2:04 p.m.

@Botany: "Still don't want to secure the border?"

So let's check the Botany scorecard:

White cop shoots unarmed black kid, he sides with the white cop. White Christian extremists harass African-American professor, he sides with the White Christian extremists. Someone of presumably Latin American descent gets TB, and he makes racially charged, baseless implications about that person's immigration status.

We're all learning a lot about you, and it's pretty gross...

On Missing Man with Drug-Resistant TB Wanted by Health Officials, Police

Posted on August 22 at 1:57 p.m.

@JarvisJarvis: "I suspect tabatha has one of those old fashioned speaking tubes in her house that goes directly to the DNC, from which she gets her daily drivel and marching orders."

And I suspect you get your 'daily marching orders' from sniffing paint thinner and beating your head against cinder blocks, but now we're all just guessing...

@nativegeo: "Maybe Tabatha programs BO's teleprompters..."

If true, it's yet more proof that she's far more intelligent than any of you drips...

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