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Posted on July 31 at 6:35 p.m.

@nativeson: "Mere insults, eh, ETR?"

Sorry - but they are not 'mere insults'. They are 'outstanding insults'.

@nativeson: "Not worth my time."

Your previous comments are evidence to the contrary... you, apparently, have PLENTY of time to waste.

On Marriage: No Diversity

Posted on July 31 at 5:58 p.m.

@nativeson: "Oh, and your sense of humor needs a tuneup."

Jesus thinks I'm hysterical. I know - He told me so. Laugh or burn, buddy.

I hate to break it you, but you're not my intended audience. I expect most of my jokes to be WAY over your head.

@nativeson: "Maybe try watching the movie 'Idiocracy' to see what is being planned for the future."

I've seen it - although I may have been watching the Trinity Broadcasting Network or the Republican National Convention. Between the corruption and the mouth breathing, it's hard to tell the difference....

@dewdly: ...the state to require procreative couples engaged in sexual intercourse to marry..."

Speaking of Idiocracy...

On Marriage: No Diversity

Posted on July 31 at 2:29 p.m.

@nativeson: "Although of course it's biologically possible, it wouldn't have been morally possible. "

Sure it would have - so long as you don't believe in fiction and imaginary best friends. And you can't produce offering now, so your marriage clearly serves no purpose an is merely a tax shelter. If you were a true patriot, you'd get divorced and pay your fair share. Commie.

@dewdly: "It makes no sense for the state to involve itself in personal relationships that on the face of it have no possibility of producing offspring."

So guess, as I suggested above, we should start dissolving all heterosexual marriages in which the female has reached menopause - no point in giving the marriages of the elderly protection, since they serve no purpose and are merely 'romantic fantasies'.

Or maybe all marriages need to produce offspring within a certain timeline, lest they become other kinds of 'romantic fantasies'.

What so brilliant about your nonsense is that it's so idiotic that I no longer find it offensive - I just find it funny (and a little sad - but mostly funny). I mean, any thread is which 'Botany' is accused of being a 'pseudo-Marxist' is comedic gold.

On Marriage: No Diversity

Posted on July 5 at 1:55 a.m.

@realitycheck88: "You reveal your lack of intellectual prowess when you avoid answering the questions I posed and name call and make pejorative statements. That's a classic lib-dem move."

Sorry, but I only engage mouth-breathers like you, who hold the sexist and bigoted views that you hold, because you deserve to be mocked and ridiculed. But you are right, I didn't answer the question... but that is because your question isn't worth the bits being used to reproduce it.

Society really needs to stop entertaining you people as folks worth engaging. Enough is enough. But PLEASE keep posting - I really enjoy making fun of those who take themselves so seriously and yet have so little to offer the world.

@nomoresanity: "Eat the Rich has already won the Life Time Achievement Award for most illiterate, illogical, and humorless postings by a Progressive sycophant. "

Hey, who are you calling humorless?

Given that you and your ilk are the subject of my humor and not the target audience, your critique means I must be doing a pretty fine job. And given that you wouldn't know logic and literacy if they hit you over the head with a 2x4, I can only take your supposed jab as a compliment.

But I guess I should try to be nicer, given that you live in a bubble of self-involved lunacy filled with desperation and misery. You have my sympathies... NAHHH, just kidding. You're a moron.

On 'Bubble Ordinance' Not Yet Popped

Posted on July 3 at 1:15 p.m.

@nomoresanity: "Even though I cannot stand Hilary for standing by her misogynist husband, at least she has the intellect to hold her position former position. "

Are you broken?

On Ain't No Slur To Be a Cur

Posted on July 3 at 10:22 a.m.

@realitycheck88: "Are women considered too weak or in need of patriarchal help from the male dominated city council? Are women unable to walk forward if someone says something to them?"

I have a question - and I mean this quite sincerely - is there some kind of right-wing competition to see who can post the dumbest comments on the Independent website? And if so, is first prize a lobotomy?

On 'Bubble Ordinance' Not Yet Popped

Posted on July 3 at 8:14 a.m.

@nomoresanity: "They wail on about a 'war on women' to those of us that support abortion but feel you ought to spend your own $12-20 per month at Costco. Alito is a tight ass twit and Ginsberg is a celebrated mental midget; taking personal sides with either of them is pretty lame."

I just want to point out that your abuse of the English language while attempting to call one of the most accomplished women to ever set foot in a courtroom a 'mental midget' is truly a thing of beauty. Anyone who takes sides with *you* after this inane and idiotic comment is pretty lame.

On Ain't No Slur To Be a Cur

Posted on July 3 at 6 a.m.

@BillClausen: "These people want to force businesses to accept their beliefs, and to use the government as a tool to enforce those beliefs. Their right to choose extends to their right to not work in a place whose beliefs are contrary to their own, and not to patronize those businesses."

That's some quality, 1st grade level thinking there, Bill...

There is also a concept of basic human rights, and just because you believe that you have an imaginary special friend doesn't give you the moral right to trample on someone else's quality of life. Even if they are an employee. Especially if they are an employee.

Franky, the Supreme Court decision is disgusting, and flies in the face of everything for which this country is *supposed* to stand. But since brain drains like Thomas and Scalia are allowed on the court, we don't have much of a choice but to ride this out until they finally go...

And I'm all for supporters of Chick-Fil-A continuing to patronize that restaurant, as they deserve everything they're going to get.

On Santa Barbara Protests Hobby Lobby Decision

Posted on July 2 at 7:42 p.m.

@realitycheck88: "Since when is birth control considered health care?"

Since the development of common sense...

@realitycheck88: "Viagra actually treats a medical problem. It's medicine."

Being unable to 'perform' is not a medical condition. Perhaps certain men (mostly Republicans) have a natural end to their sex life, and Viagra interferes with that natural process - a natural process that, I'm certain, your wives very much appreciate coming to an end.

@realitycheck88: "Birth control interrupts and interferes with a natural process to prevent pregnancy. It's not treating a medical condition."

Birth control prevents a medical condition - that of being pregnant. It also provides TREATMENT for women who suffer from irregular cycles, cramping, and other associated medical conditions.

Unfortunately, neither birth control nor Viagra prevent stupidity, so there's no hope for you, I'm afraid... unless Viagra is the reason why there's not enough blood flowing to your brain, thereby resulting in your idiotic comments. Have you had stupid opinions for longer than 4 hours? (By looking at your comment history, I can see the answer is 'Yes'... you should stop taking it IMMEDIATELY. )

On Santa Barbara Protests Hobby Lobby Decision

Posted on July 1 at 6:32 a.m.

@billclausen: "Simply calling people "racist" who challenge your views doesn't solve the problem. I never said "naturally" but putting words in my mouth is typical of your childish behavior."

As always, it's all about *you*, isn't it?

First, you didn't 'challenge' my views, but rather, spewed a bunch of essentialist nonsense as though that alone proved any kind of point. Second, I didn't call you racist. I said your statements were racist - people are free to draw their own conclusions. Lastly, it's you, my dear Bill, who retreats the moment someone points out that what you're stating is easily prove-able as ridiculous and has no basis in reality.

I hope someday you realize that the words you write have meaning, and drawing obvious conclusions from your stated views is not 'putting words in your mouth'. But these days, you've gone off the deep end to such a degree that I'm not terribly hopeful.

@billclausen: "Clearly your rage has you going off on tangents such as slavery, which isn't even part of this debate."

Says the guy who went off on some nutty rant about the Jews... if you can't see that comparing different immigrant experiences is completely ridiculous without considering the history and context of those experiences (which is *PRECISELY* what *YOU* were doing - but hell, at this point I'm not even sure if you realize whether or not you're wearing pants), then you should really sit a few out.

On Santa Maria District Election Attempt Loses in Court

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