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Posted on February 26 at 8:28 p.m.

Ok, full discloser, I surf this spot. My selfish wish is that it not be developed and that access to it not be made any easier than it is now. So now for reality: This is private property that has pre-existing development rights. So the solution has to accomodate private property rights and the desires of the community, never an easy balance to achieve. It would be very difficult for us preservationists to come up with 50 or 60 million dollars that it would take to buy this property. The likelihood of public policy being able to stop development of this property is small. Consequently, we are going to have to accept some kind of compromise: Something like four mega-mansions with a torturous path public access or some kind of limited developement north of the Highway 101 with public park on the land south of highway 101. It would be great if the whole property (and all the Gaviota Coast) would remain undeveloped; but that is not a reality for which we can hope. Let's find a solutiion that saves most of it, perserves the open spaces, and keeps access to the surf spot open (but not too easy to access). There should be a solution, even if it allows billionaires to have a couple of mansions there.

On 'Mythical Being' Wants Naples

Posted on February 25 at 8:04 p.m.

Being the only person in the house without perfect pitch, it was odd that I was the one chosen to sing lullabys to my younger daughter at bedtime. We had a routine (it was the entire Baby's Bedtime Book from beginning to end), and then she would drift off to sleep. I knew that routine would not last (afterall I had an older daughter, so I understood the progression), but still I was sad when it ended. Both my daughters are full grown adults now (the older one with a daughter of her own). The younger one has cycled through so many stages and is now chasing a dream with all the intensity she had as a youngster. I want to sooth her. Hush a bye, don't you cry, go to sleep my little baby. When you wake there will be sweet cake, and all the pretty little horses. Blacks and bays, dapples and greys, all the pretty little horses.

On Bedtime: An Emotional Odyssey

Posted on February 24 at 9:33 p.m.

Guns were specifically invented to kill people (at the time, people in armor). Guns democratized power by making even the most lowly peasant equal to the most highly trained knight. Consequently, the Founding Fathers of the United States of America decided to institutionalize the democratization of violent power in the 2nd Amenedment to the Constitution. So now everyone (including criminals and mentally ill people) can own guns. As long as we, as a community, believe that eveyone should be able to own guns, we have to put up wiith senseless slaughter. That said, the answer to this issue is not easy. If we were to attempt to design laws to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, who then decides who is mentally ill and who is mentally healthy? Might not the government designate those they perceive as a threat to power to be mentally ill and thus shift the democratization of power that guns provide toward the government? Where exactly is the balance between public saftey and individual liberty? It is not an easy balance to attain. However, it is my firm belief that a person who has been under psychiatric medical care since childhood should not be allowed to own guns.

On Elliot Rodger Report Details Long Struggle with Mental Illness

Posted on February 11 at 9:04 p.m.

Ok this is not science, this is just my personal experience with vaccination. As a child I grew up in a family situation that required me to get vaccinated a lot. I have been vaccinated against typhus, typhoid, yellow fever, cholera, diphtheria, pertussis, over a dozen kinds of flu, small pox, polio, and countless other diseases which cannot be discerned from the scribbles on my old shot records. When I was a kid they did not have vaccinations against mumps, measles, and chicken pox. I got chicken pox and measles at the same time. It was a brutal experience. Large does of penicillin saved my life twice. My parents and I had no choice with regard to the vaccinations. It was either accept them or my father resign is position. At the schools I attended, they came twice a year to give us "booster shots." We all lined up, got our shots, and went back to class. My siblings and I never got ill from the dozens of vaccinations we received. I never heard of any of my peers in school getting ill from vaccinations. On the other hand, I was exposed to all the diseases against which I was vaccinated in both Europe and Asia and I never contracted any of them. So from my perspective, the vaccinations protected my health and did me no harm. I am fairly old now (older than my grandparents were when they died) and I am in robust good health. My wife and I provided our children with all the most recent vaccinations and our children are now grown and enjoy robust good health as well. My parents, who also received all the vaccinations my siblings and I got lived into their nineties. At this point in my life, I am most concerned with the safety of my grand-children. The anti-vaxxers need to come up with alternative plan, supported by science, that achieves that goal or I am just going to dismiss them as kooks.

On Immune to the Facts?

Posted on February 10 at 3:09 p.m.

The whole and only reason that we have laws of any kind is human selfishness. If all dog owners (and I mean every last one of them) do not take responsibility for cleaning up after their pets and preventing their pets from harassing wildlife, the result will be ever tightening restrictions on dogs at the beach. First it will be leashes and the requirement to pick up the poop. Next it will be an outright ban (just like the State Park beaches). Of course new laws will have to be enforced which costs money so expect a huge increase dog license fees. Of course that will lead to undocumented dogs (illegals?) which will be cause for all sorts of attacks on civil liberties. This might sound like an extreme scenario, but it could happen if dog owners do not clean up their act. For the record, I am not advocating for new laws. I'm just pointing out that this is how the regulatory process gets started and then it develops a life of its own. Come on dog owners, be responsible.

On Help Close the Poop Loop

Posted on February 2 at 9:24 p.m.

First of all, I am not a climatologist. However, I am a surfer and I am in the water over 150 days a year. This year, the water has stayed warm for much longer than most years. The last few times the water stayed this warm this late in the season, we had El Nino storm years. The seasons I remember the water being warm well into winter are 94/95, 97/98, 00/01, 04/05, 05/06, and 10/11 (this is as far back as my poor addled memory goes). All those years you could surf in trunks almost through Thanksgiving. So far this year, we have not had very much rain, so my surfer climatology may not be worth anything. Hopefully we will get some rain this season.

On Sea Slugs as El Niño Forecasters?

Posted on January 30 at 8:54 p.m.

Innocent people do not plead guilty. Guilty people plead guilty to lesser charges in exchange for lesser sentences. Sometimes, sadly, innocent people are convicted of crimes they did not commit. Many times, guilty people go free due to lack of evidence or some legal technicality. However, purely innocent people against whom there is no evidence of criminal behavior do not plead guilty. No lawyer would suggest that they do.

On Boy Scouts Settle Abuse Case

Posted on January 30 at 5:04 p.m.

Gee Loonpt, did you miss the part about the molester pleading guilty and agreeing to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. If he were innocent, he would never have pled guilty and agreed to lifelong sex offender status. The porn on the phone is really nothing compared to fact that he pled guilty.

On Boy Scouts Settle Abuse Case

Posted on January 30 at 12:47 p.m.

What I don't understand is why the victim's fellow scouts and many of the troop's scouting families questioned the credibility of the victim and tried to protect a convicted child molester. What kind of people are they? I understand the BSA and David Tate being self-serving and attempting to circle the wagons and protect themselves from having to pay out a huge judgment. Even Tate's playing lose with the truth on the stand (i.e., "I don't recall) is understandable. But I fail to grasp why the Scouts themselves and the Scouting families did not fully support the victim in this case. I don't think I would want to associate with such people.

On Boy Scouts Settle Abuse Case

Posted on January 26 at 8:30 p.m.

Georgy, you are assuming that there is some sort of political calculus in Salud's support of the Chumash. However, his motivation may be purely emotional and cultural. Salud comes from immigrant stock who moved here from Mexico to work the fields in Oxnard. He may very well be expressing his sympathy for native peoples and their struggles. If you are a die hard fan of a traditionally losing team and that team has a good season, it is natural to cheer on your team when it starts to win. It may sound simplistic, but that is what I believe is going on with Salud's support of the Chumash. Lavagnino's support is all about pure Republican free market economics. Adam's opposition to the Chumash is probably the most complex animus to deconstruct. That neck is pretty red, but the head is educated and clever, and he actually believes that everyone has to pay his or her own way. So I would not hazard to try to figure out whether Peter's vote was motivated by his desire for the public good or his distaste for, well, you know, those sorts of people. Janet and Doreen are just voting the way the majority of their constituents would want them to vote: No Free Lunch for Billionaire Gambling Institutions! You build, you pay taxes. You build big, you pay big taxes. It's the liberal way.

On County Appeals Federal Camp 4 Approval

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