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Posted on September 18 at 5:02 p.m.

I don't think that Measure P is that well written, but I will probably vote for it for one major reason. The oil industry in Santa Barbara is full of buffoons and idiots. So is the environmentalist crowd. However, when conducting operations such as cyclic steam injection, the utmost care must be taken by the smartest and most skilled engineers and technicians one can find. Unfortunately, "smartest" and "most skilled" are not words that describe most of the folks that work in the oil industry in Santa Barbara County. If Exxon owned the North County oil fields, I would not be concerned. But the third and forth tier fly by night operators who purchased the sticky goo in the played out oil fields in Cat Canyon and other locales up North, frighten me with their incompetence. If you catch your 4 year old playing with matches, you take them away.

On Blood-Bloated Ticks Nesting in a Dog’s Ear

Posted on September 12 at 9:07 p.m.

"...chubby little Kasi...?" Really? Was such a physical pejorative really necessary? I was recently in fairly crowded room at a public meeting with about equal numbers of men and women, and the "chubby" men outnumbered the "chubby" women by at least two to one. I noticed this because the women at least had the good sense and good taste to dress in a manner that complemented their figures while the men were squeezed into suit jackets and sport coats that barely buttoned about their round little bellies. Unless you can see your abdominal muscles 14noscams, you should forswear the word "chubby," in your descriptions of people. Chances are, you are a member of the "chubby" tribe.

On City Settles Excessive Force Cases for $170,000

Posted on September 12 at 3:43 p.m.

These cases sound like they settled for the cost to go to trial. I wonder how much Genis got for his "good lawyering." I will bet at least half. I suspect that there would have been no way to avoid DeNunzio testifying under oath that he had been drinking before getting behind the wheel of his vehicle. That would have put him in a tough spot with regard to the status of his license in the eyes of DMV. So the best he could do is take what the City was willing to pay to avoid the cost of trial.

On City Settles Excessive Force Cases for $170,000

Posted on September 1 at 8:20 p.m.

I am surprised that this situation has not devolved into vandalism on the party house guests' cars and the party house itself. This landlord is lucky that his house is located in an upper-middle class neighborhood of milquetoast college professors and introverted engineers and not in a neighborhood of carpenters, plumbers, masons and reprobate surfers who populate much of Goleta. The landlord would be wise to make peace with his neighbors before things turn ugly.

On The Gorilla in the Vacation Rental

Posted on August 30 at 2:40 p.m.

This is very smart of Goleta West to spend all that money they had saved up for capital improvements. After the lust for that pot of gold inspired a hostile take over attempt by the City of Goleta, I imagine that the Goleta West board decided to invest those funds in infrastructure so that the large bank account would no longer attract nefarious schemes at LAFCO by other public agencies and municipalities. The best thing about this is that Goleta West saved up the money first before spending it thereby avoiding the need for a bond measure. That was good stewardship of the public's treasure and sound public policy.

On Sewage Pipeline Moved out of Wetlands

Posted on August 27 at 9:11 p.m.

It's a plan to reduce the costs of Medicare. You put the seniors with compromised respiratory systems right next to the freeway and expose them to all kinds of nasty air pollution and then they die quickly and it's cheaper for all of us. Towbes is a genius (either that or an evil villain).

On Granny's Field Inches Closer to Development

Posted on August 27 at 8:08 p.m.

So Starshine, driving is nothing. In two years, you will be dropping him off in some strange city or town to attend college and you will absolutely not believe he will be safe there. Then the next year, when he moves out of the dorms to some ratty apartment with sticky floors he will ask to take a car back with him to school and you will watch him drive away in that old Jeep for a drive of hundreds of miles that will traverse some insane traffic like that in San Diego, LA, San Jose, or the Bay Area. You will lie in bed praying (regardless of whether or not you are an atheist) that he will survive the journey and all the driving he will do in that godforsaken traffic nightmare wherever he is attending college. Did I mention the drinking culture in college nowadays? Your worrying days are just beginning. Just you wait! (Just kidding, it all turns out ok - he'll graduate and get a job and only ask for money every once in a while.)

On Road Hazards: Driving with My Teen

Posted on August 20 at 9:59 a.m.

Why was the 16 year old driving and the 18 year old in the passenger seat? If the 16 year old needed practice pulling the trailer, the Maldonado family owns acres of private property with miles of roads on it where the kid could have practiced without putting anyone in danger. I agree with the bike advocates on this string. I commuted to work for a long time on my bike and scrupulously followed all the rules of the road and still I had several very close calls nearly being hit by auto drivers doing stupid, reckless, and selfish maneuvers. Bicyclists are typically very cautious out of self-preservation while auto drivers can often be careless because being encased in steel gives them a false sense of invulnerability. I'm sure the kid feels awful. Most young people learning to drive experience some minor mishap in the process. How terrible that this kid's mishap cost someone his life.

On Investigation into Bicyclist's Death Continues

Posted on August 18 at 8:24 p.m.

Jarvis, how does one's employment status negate his or her status as a "person?" I respectfully, disagree with you. This was a conflict between two people (just as was the conflict between the adult stand-up paddle-boarder and the teenage surfer). With regard to Miller-Young's attempt to attribute her anger to some organic source (i.e., hormones associated with pregnancy), well, I agree that sounds silly. However, I understand that anger often feels as if one has been taken over by some foreign force and compelled to act in ways that seem uncharacteristic of one's normal behavior (e.g., The devil made me do it). Let's just agree that a couple of people with strongly held and opposing beliefs came into conflict and decorum and personal safety rights were violated as a result. It is interesting that I feel that I am able to understand and relate to both sides of this argument and discuss it without getting angry. Why can't others do so?

On UCSB Professor Sentenced to Probation, Community Service in Theft, Battery Case

Posted on August 18 at 3:54 p.m.

In my view, Judge Hill did just the right thing in bringing perspective back to this case. This was never more than an minor dispute between people who disagreed and let their emotions get the better of them. Professor Miller-Young should have kept her cool and not grabbed the sign, Ms. Short should not have chased Miller-Young across campus in an attempt to retrieve the sign. Both actions were examples of poor judgment brought on by over-heated emotion. Miller-Young has no doubt learned a lesson and been embarrassed doing so. I would hope that the Short family also learned a lesson. If one expresses himself or herself in a manner intended to offend people in order to make a point, that is ok, it is free speech. However, it is rational to assume that sooner or later, intentionally offensive speech will provoke the response of anger. Whenever the human emotion of anger is provoked the resulting human behaviors are unpredictable and can be unsafe for all parties involved. I would think that Ms. Short's mother should think twice about sending her minor daughter into situations with the intent to offend with the danger that anger will be provoked and the situation become unsafe for a minor child. One last word: Recently an adult male stand-up paddle-boarder punched a teenage male surfer at Campus Point. The assault was reported to the UCSB Police Department and they decided to do nothing about it. In my view, this act of adult on child violence was much more serious than the little shoving match between Miller-Young and Thrin Short. So why did the UCSB Police respond so thoroughly to one and not at all to the other?

On UCSB Professor Sentenced to Probation, Community Service in Theft, Battery Case

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