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Posted on April 22 at 12:48 a.m.

John Locke
I am curious what makes him a freeloader? The story said he bought the house.
You read the same story we read and look at your first comment it gives you away as someone negative and ugly inside.
You call him a freeloader and ask if your supposed to feel sorry for this freeloader.
The guy bought the house.
You were looking to spread your ugliness and misery.
You state: "John Locke is a character in American history who favored limited government and maximum individual responsibility and freedom. Duh." while your comments applaud big government forcing an individual out of his home.
If you valued freedom and responsibility and limited government you would feel sorry for a fellow citizen being evicted from where he resides by big govenment.

I think he should be allowed to renew his lease or why not give him the property? He has resided there for sometime and as the person calling that place home he has a strong argument for continuing to live there over any other use or person. The government has been making money off this property for 100 years. Give him the property rather than evict him.

Get real...the economy is not going to be turning around. What does america make besides bad decisions and rich politicians. As a country we are basically freeloaders since we export nothing and import everything even though we are broke.

On The Last Man in Paradise

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