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Posted on February 3 at 9:02 a.m.

Be VERY cautious about any of these Hospitals owned and operated by Dignity. French Hospital recently was found Guilty of Fraud/False Billings by a State Investigation. Other Federal Sate and insurance investigations are ongoing. French and Dignity has bilked many patients and insurance companies under fraud and false pretenses.

This past week they were notified they committed fraud and false billings. They have also had ER Doctors refuse to treat ER patients, due to MD on staff under the influence, and not wanting to pay for illnesses even if they had insurance. They engaged in a practice and policy NOT to treat disabled Veterans, and send them to Sierra Vista Hospital. French Hospital has destroyed evidence, altered and falsify evidence and records. French Hospital dba Dignity of San Luis Obispo, CA was informed past week of the finding of fraud, false billings and another investigations founds patient dumping, failure to treat injured patients, altering records, scamming and cheating Medicare, Insurance companies etc. Federal , State and Private Insurance investigations are ongoing and Legal action is in the works, Be Warned if you go to any Dignity Hospital, Fraud, theft, false and failure to treat is a practice of there's.

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