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Posted on December 6 at 11:58 a.m.

"...the Mormon Church of Utah, infamous for its polygamists and for forcing underage young girls into exploitive marriages" I was not aware of that, and I've lived in Utah for 50 years. I've always understood polygamy and child abuse are grounds for excommunication.

"the Mormon Church banned blacks from becoming members" - another surprise considering there have been black members since the earliest days of the church (Elijah Abel was baptized in 1832, he died in Utah in 1884 after returning from a mission to Canada for the church), I've never heard of blacks being banned from membership. Surprising notable black people such as Thurl Bailey and Gladys Knight would join such a church.

Apparently, African-Americans also tended to side with Catholics, Orthodox Jews, Evangelicals, and other people who feel strongly about "traditional" marriage.

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