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Posted on November 12 at 8:15 a.m.

I imagine you, Harley Hahn, must live in or near Santa Barbara and have the luxury of being so enamored with this crowd who "Occupy L.A.". I don't have the luxury to have the perspective you have of these "new adventurers". I have to work and live near this filth and inconvenience. It takes me allot more time now to do the simple work related tasks because I have to plan and work around this mess to do my work. I know for a fact, from talking to the local merchants near this occupation, that it's killing their business to the point that if this doesn't end soon many are just going to shut down. This is no way of showing their, "right to stand up and opine as to how the country should live, govern itself, protect its freedoms, and distribute its wealth". You, my amigo, have on your kaleidoscope glasses on when you see this crowd. I have the reality of having to smell the stench, literal and figurative, of their gathering.

On Why Occupy Los Angeles Should Occupy Your Heart

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