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Posted on October 22 at 8:05 a.m.

I think the dialog here makes a good case for a moderated chat forum here. JohnLocke and truth_machine...are you kidding? Enough. Get a room.

On Stark Choice for Assembly

Posted on June 10 at 1:57 p.m.

President Serban does not understand Santa Barbara.
She is gutting the programs that make SBCC special, like the Center for Sustainability and Adult Education.
The Board of Trustees is clearly out of touch with the rest of the community on this one.
Joe Dobbs needs to check himself before things get worse.
There is an election coming up in November and we need to elect a Board and a president that understand how to protect the most valued programs at SBCC during this economic crisis.
The SBCC website says: "we are proud to be considered one of the leading lifelong learning programs in California."
I wish Mr. Dobbs and President Serban understood what those words actually mean.

On City College Reviews President Serban

Posted on March 25 at 6:36 a.m.

Why does California have the lowest taxes on oil production among the States?
Do we have less natural beauty to protect?
Do we deserve a smaller cut of the oil produced in our own State than Texas does?
Why do those on the Right complain that an oil tax would drive up gas costs BUT SAY NOTHING when oil companies are pocketing billions in of OUR resource?
How does Oil Industry profit taking effect gas prices?
It seems reasonable that the taxpayers in California have as much right to the profits from their own oil resources as executives at Enron, Exxon or Venoco.

On Nava Says No More ‘Free Ride’

Posted on March 20 at 9:24 a.m.

For those like Pinatubo, Holly and ilovesb09 who support corporate control over the infrastructure of our community?
Do you really love Santa Barbara?
If you did, how could you publicly support corporate control over Santa Barbara County land use decisions?
This fight is simple:
Corporations control cell site installations in Santa Barbara
The Community controls cell site installations in Santa Barbara.
This isn't about Montecito, or Goleta or Downtown. This is about Santa Barbara County re-establishing control over what gets built here.
If the cell companies win this fight, then we have forfeited control to the cell industry lobby in Washington DC. Do you honestly think they care about the well-being of our community?
Every time a new cell company wants to sell us service, they will have the right to install a new antenna network--on any pole in Santa Barbara County. At your children's school, playground, or right outside your bedroom they have already done all over town.
If Santa Barbara rolls over now, thanks to those who love corporations more than their community, then there will be no stopping this.

On Will Montecito’s New Wireless Network Be Unplugged?

Posted on March 18 at 12:30 p.m.

Why is it unreasonable to NOT want a cell site on your property?

People use gasoline, but they don't want a gas station in their front yard.

People use electricity, but they don't want a coal fired power plant--or a nuclear plant-- on their block.

The idea is NOT that cell phones can't be used.
The idea is NOT that cell towers can't be installed.

The argument IS that communities should be able to control what infrastructure is installed in their own serve them.
I am sure none of you want a nuclear plant in your neighborhood, but you still use the lights, despite the fact that some of the electricity is nuclear derived.

The argument IS that the COMMUNITY should decide where cell towers go...NOT THE CORPORATIONS.

The argument IS that people should have VETO POWERS over unwanted corporate infrastructure to be installed on their property.
If corporations can install a radiation emitting device on your property against your will, what will be next? A corporate owned security camera that keeps an eye on the property to protect the installation?

NOT ONE COMMUNITY MEMBER out of over 40 spoke in favor of corporate control over cell site installations.

If you are against our cause, why not show up at the hearings and show your support for the cell companies: VOLUNTEER YOUR FRONT YARD.
If you believe in CORPORATE CONTROL over Santa Barbara land use decisions please speak up.
If not, perhaps you should reconsider you position in favor of your community.

On Will Montecito’s New Wireless Network Be Unplugged?

Posted on March 17 at 8:53 p.m.

Who thinks it is a good idea that a corporation can install a microwave radiation emitting device on your property...
without notice...
without your permission...
against your will....
When there is a mountain of evidence that this installation will reduce your property value?
What kind of public policy is that?
But, if you like the antennas. Please, please show up at the next hearing and ask to have them installed on your property. That will help those who don't want a cell site in their yard.

On Will Montecito’s New Wireless Network Be Unplugged?

Posted on March 17 at 6:33 a.m.

Dear AZ2SB,
As and ex-convict, you must certainly be aware that sex offenders are generally subjected to extreme physical and often sexual abuse in prison. This does not benefit anyone. Punishment does not heal a community. Hatred does not heal wounds. It is not at all clear in this dialog that anger is helping you, the victims, or anyone else.
It is too late to stop the abuse that has already happened. It is not too late to support the victims in this case, or any case like it. It is not too late to reach out in your community to bring this issue out into the light and to work to prevent further abuse. It is not to late to find better ways to protect children and women. Prevention is what is needed now, as always. Prison is for when it is already too late. What about right now? There are women and children being abused all around us in the community every day. Shouldn't we be focusing on how to protect them before it is too late?

On Johnson Pleads No Contest to Sex Abuse Charges

Posted on March 13 at 2:49 p.m.

Child molestation is an epidemic in this country.
1 in 3 women report having been touched inappropriately before the age of 18. Experts believe the actual figures to be much higher.
This type of abuse is horrible, and very, very common.
This type of behavior in an adult is a type of mental illness.
We need to do a better job as a community of openly addressing this issue with both adults and children and we need to be proactive to prevent this type of abuse from happening again and again.
It is one thing say angry words about the crime and the criminal, but it is another to take action to try to prevent this from happening again.
Please consider what you can do, in your community, to bring this issue out into the light and to work to protect those around you.

On Johnson Pleads No Contest to Sex Abuse Charges

Posted on March 11 at 8:40 p.m.

Dear Jack,
As someone who has made a career of making compromises with developers, your argument just rings hollow.
Please develop a consistent approach to your environmental ethos before preaching to the rest of us.
The pot and the kettle need to have a mediation on this one.
Thank you.

On Say Never

Posted on March 1 at 6:50 p.m.

Thanks again BeachFan for just keeping your head buried in the sand. GOO and CPA spent years of volunteer work on this. No payback---not a dime----but 3900 acres of prime coastal land will be returned to the community, 4 platforms decommissioned and the LOGP cleaned up and out of our county. By the way, PXP pays for the cleanup...but you probably can't hear that with your head down in that hole now can you?

On PXP and EDC: A Grand Plan

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