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Posted on April 4 at 1:52 a.m.

Actually, I am not homeless. I am wandering, and enjoying every moment of it. And I really appreciate your comment ,it really made me laugh. Santa Barbara is, yes, void of very much needed creativity. This is why I am no longer there, and instead roaming through very benevolent towns like New Orleans, Austin, Kerreville, Tucon, and many others. Sure there mabey a preatty sidewalk to go "shop" on in your not so fair town, but there is much need for some ....flavor. But, I do tip my hat to the folks at the SB Info Shop(new years was a blast). But, never-the-less, California in general is overdevoloped and full of pretentious plastic people.

All who are not wandering are lost.
Peace be with you,
Gil Paradise

On Musically Passionate and Homeless

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