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Posted on August 9 at 10:08 p.m.

This fire shows us just how limited fire fighting aircraft are in number and usefulness. Aircraft fitted to fight fires or built to carry water or "scoop" water probably number in the 20s to 30s NATIONWIDE. The large number of converted WW2 bombers and P3 ORIONS used have had many structural problems and crashes and were for a while grounded following these crashes. Last I heard they are still grounded. These water scooping planes built in Canada by Bombardere are expensive and the public has had a distaste of paying higher taxes over the past several years. There are no Water tanker Military, Private or other aircraft to make up the 100 Aircraft to fight this fire as suggested by one contributor. The pacific Ocean will remain in the pacific ocean and unavailable to fight this fire. Best of luck to us all.

On Major Fire Battle Looms This Weekend

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