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Posted on November 23 at 10:54 a.m.

Consider Jerry Seinfeld's favorite joke before dating ANY kind of artist:

The remaining members of the Glen Miller Orchestra have been reduced to taking whatever work they can get, and so have signed on to play a Christmas Eve gig at a VFW a hundred miles from home. The night is bitterly cold, and on the way to the gig it starts to sleet and snow. About a mile from the hall the bus slides off an embankment and gets stuck in the snow. The members discuss what to do, and they realize that if they walk, they can still make their starting time. So, dressed only in their tuxes and patent leather shoes, they begin slogging through the freezing wind and slush, instruments in hand.

Just before they get to the hall they come upon a country home lit from within, its chimney puffing. Through the windows they can see a beautiful family gathered around a dinner table in front of a roaring fire; a father, a mother, four grandparents, two well-kept children, and a dog. The family members are laughing, warmly affectionate towards one another, and they are about to carve up a magnificent Christmas turkey.

Watching this scene, one of the musicians turns to his bandmates and says, “How do people live like that?”

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