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Posted on May 7 at 1:53 p.m.

I am watching the MIW live video now. It doesn't flow as fluidly as we all want but it's great of them to offer it. Thanks so much. Good luck out there everyone, help your neighbors and stay safe!

On Jesusita Fire Turns Tragic Without Warning

Posted on February 4 at 12:56 p.m.

Is Andrew still single and if so, why when he has so many appealing options in the Santa Barbara area??

On Part Two in a Year of Montecito

Posted on January 21 at 3:14 p.m.

I will SOOO be there tonight and I'm SOOO excited!! I LOVE Ryan Adams!! :)

On Ryan Adams and the Cardinals -- 01/21/08 at Arlington Theatre

Posted on December 31 at 7:35 a.m.

Partied with you all last NYE and wish I could tonight! Hope you have fun and that SoHo is packed all night long!

Happy New Year Everyone!


On SambaDá -- 12/31/07 at SOhO

Posted on December 6 at 1:46 p.m.

You wrote:
"in 2005, when the company totted up $250 million in sales. At that time, GBMI also employed about 250 white-collar workers at its headquarters on Hollister Avenue in Goleta"

I was one of the 250 employees and I, along with a lot of others, could not accurately be defined as "white-collar workers". Most of us wore "collars of a bluish hue".

On Global Feet on Last Legs

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