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Posted on April 27 at 3:37 p.m.

The Indy website is private property. There are no free speech rights here. Any or all comments can be pulled at any time. The Indy has chosen to have a comment section with very little moderation. Jarv is no danger of being banned unless he makes a comment that may expose the Indy to legal action. Troll on reactionary one!

On The S.B. Questionnaire: Cathy Murillo

Posted on April 26 at 1:04 p.m.

Francisco had to climb on the Culpepper crap wagon
Maldonado was tainted by his association with the Austrian buffoon. Both lost. Keep the clown car delivering more lambs to the slaughter GOP!

On Praise for Laura Capps

Posted on April 26 at 11:27 a.m.

Ha! Francisco loser, Maldonado loser. Hey GOP keep running weak candidates it makes the Dem's job easier.

On Praise for Laura Capps

Posted on April 26 at 10:29 a.m.

If anyone is unclear why the local GOP is unable to win any elections, take a look at the local Tea Party / Culpepper clowns that have hijacked a once reasonable and relevant party. People like Jarv are a gift to the "Democratic Machine." Keep doing what you do teahaddists, you make our job easier.

On Praise for Laura Capps

Posted on April 26 at 9:28 a.m.

Jarv you are pathetic old drunk clinging to outdated and misguided ideas. Just keep filling your dome with crap you read at Brietbart and then vomiting it up here at the Indy. We are laughing at you.

On Praise for Laura Capps

Posted on April 26 at 9:20 a.m.

This is a news story. It is well written and free from editorial opinion. Jarv, you are the only tired joke I see around here.

On Plan for Santa Barbara Salamanders Released

Posted on April 26 at 9:07 a.m.

Uh Jarv, for many years it has been customary for women upon marriage to choose to keep or change their surnames. This may be a shock to your reactionary, age addled mind. Her name is Laura Capps, just like our president's name is Barrack Obama. No amount of Culpepper crap from you is going to change that.

On Praise for Laura Capps

Posted on April 24 at 11:43 a.m.

Duh? This is a five year old story you jackass.

On Should Police Chief Sanchez serve gang injunctions in the city?

Posted on April 24 at 11 a.m.

Five $100,000 per year high school graduates just standing around shooting the breeze while one handcuffed suspect sits on the sidewalk. Then the $185,000 per year "supervisor" walks up to a citizen, who happens to be video recording the situation from a safe distance, and initiates a confrontation for no reason except perhaps a flush of roid rage. Talk about a waste of taxpayers money.
Hey Jarv, you fancy yourself as a watch dog of public finances. How many hundreds of thousands of tax payer money has been spent in the last decade paying for SBPD beat downs? The citizens of this town need to take control of their police department.

On Video of Arrest Appears to Show Officer Knock Phone from Bystander's Hands

Posted on April 21 at 2:29 p.m.

Do not store pet food or trash cans in the garage.

On Critters Cause Car Challenges

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