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Posted on October 8 at 11:29 a.m.

The Crown Prince John Ellis Bush may buy his family party's nomination in 2016 and attempt to steal the general election, but the more likely scenario for the Royal Family's Restoration is to promote Prince Jorge P. in 2024 as a fake "Hispanic" identity candidate, and try to emulate Obama's first impression candidacy. They are buying Prince Jorge P. the Texas land commissionership (controls oil and gas leases) next year, and they only have to buy him a Senate seat or the Governorship by at least 2020 to put him in line. Not a hard task.

Hillary seems set to go in 2016, and Chris Christie appear the only Republican with any chance to stop her. A Hillary presidency would make a Jorge P. Arbusto presidency after her even more likely. After 16 years of Democrats and a second Clinton, the public would be more resigned to a third Bush if that is the Republican they are offered, and couple that with those wanting to make a political fashion statement about Hispanics.

On Do We Really Want Hillary or Another Bush Presidency in 2016?

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