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Posted on July 14 at 9:10 a.m.

Our son attended U. of C. and not surprisingly, during the entire time there never heard of or crossed paths with either Mr. Obama or his wife. They are 'famous' within their own tiny circle of elitists and faithful followers who are so certain they are the smartest ones in the room and therefore know what is best for the rest of us. The error here is to believe good grades, highest IQ, status name colleges, and good looks are factors in what makes for a superior leader of the free world. Clinging to your college sweatshirt and trotting out degrees is typical among elite liberals who want to suggest their personal resume trumps the Constitution. Elena Kagan is a political, not judicial appointment. She will judge based on her feelings, not the law. The fact is, other than busy himself writing his memoirs, what has Mr. Obama actually done? What are his inventions? What product did he perfect and market and how has he participated in the economy at all? Who's money has he been spending organizing and antagonizing members of the community? He is a life-long government worker, nothing more. He has never been personally responsible for anything, including a payroll. He has no ideas that haven't been trotted out before by other Marxists and failed miserably. Calling conservatives names is typical of those who can't win their debates with fact. Sadly, everyone our son knows from U. of C. believes Obama has given the college a bad name and is spoiling its reputation.

On In the Classroom with Barack Obama and Elena Kagan

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