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Posted on June 21 at 3:27 p.m.

Here are some positive facts about the PIT and The Rincon Pit Crew since the author's descriptions cast more negative's than positive's. First off The Pit was built so ANYONE visiting Rincon Cove could have a place to relax & enjoy the beach. It was not solely an area exclusive to a handful of unsavory beer drinking locals. Many people from all over the world including some very famous names, have spent the day there & had a very positive experience. While technically illegal The State Park allowed The Pit to remain because it was cleaned & maintained daily by the regulars, it was checked nightly to avoid transient usage & there were no complaints that warranted it's removal. In fact it had become a recognized historic monument to local and visiting surfers alike. Most regulars of the Pit are icons of the local surf community including some legendary shapers, artists, champion surfers, business men, attorney's, fire fighters, real estate agents, engineers, contractors, etc. It's true a few beers get drank (and yes there's a few who drink more than others) but it does not mean the people using the area are less than respectable. In fact 2 years in a row The Rincon Pit Crew raised more money to combat sewer issues from the Rincon Colony than any other local group. Secondly bathroom installation in the lower parking lot was first lobbied for, to the State Park by Pit Crew members to end the deposit of human feces in the parking lot, bushes & on the beach. Dog bags were lobbied for by the Pit Crew to curtail dog feces on the trail. The Pit Crew Surf Team has won the Spirit of Surfing award twice most recently in 2013 for showing the most Aloha during the Rincon Invitational which is an annual event to raise money for the Groundswell Society's efforts to combat sewer runoff from Rincon Colony & other local impacting environmental issues. The Pit Crew hosted & prepared food 2 days in a row for over 200 hundred visiting surfers from surf clubs all over the United States which included 18 tri tips, 4 cases of Shaloob chicken, 200 locally caught crabs, 50 loaves of french bread a hundred pounds of salad 50 pounds of beans & many other dishes. My point here is that daily regulars of The Pit care more about the legacy & protection of Rincon as an iconic surfing location than most other folks in the local area & have gone out of their way & out of pocket to make the beach a better place by building, cleaning, & maintaining an area out of sight & unimposing to Rincon Colony home owners in which surfers can spend the day sharing in the joy of surfing. The author's group of friends on the other hand chooses to light fires, drink beer & smoke pot right in front of a resident's home while destroying the ice plant with their boards and personal belongings. In fact they contribute nothing to the betterment of Rincon financially & as a group selfishly burn more people on waves than anyone else in the line up. Think before you type it may come back to haunt you.

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