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Posted on May 18 at 3:27 p.m.

Thanks goodness for the Save Naples coalition and all the good, decent people who have tried to save a piece of the last reasonably intact section of pristine coastland south of San Simeon, but their group is far from socialist. Frankly, I think they have been more than generous by not revealing the full truth about the unbridled greed and destructiveness of developers along the California coast, this being NOT a "liberal" state at all but rather the most developer-friendly, developer-OWNED government of either coast. SoCal is running out of drinkable water, out of energy -- be it clean or dirty -- and its beaches and air quality are becoming more polluted instead of less, and yet --- with an ineffective and developer-controlled Coastal Commission --- the tens of millions of good-decent WORKING people here have no real say in the future of our coastline.

Matt Osgood -- and his like-minded friends in government --- have been very successful at restricting this to a "local" issue. Well this coastline is a resource of STATE importance, and a NATIONAL resource, and it is time that the people of the STATE and the NATION be invited to provide some REAL input on this rape of its last surviving beaches. We have only to look to the Gulf of Mexico to see what our right-wing, pro-business friends have allowed to happen there. Frankly, MY ancestors fought a revolution to END the control of America by cheap-labor Feudalist-types like Matt Osgood, Jalama Ranch, and the Hearst family, to name a few. It is time that the Federal Government TAKE this land (with all of the over-compensating the government always makes to owners using their ridiculous inflated values that scumbags like Osgood always insist their property is worth) and MAKE IT THE NATIONAL SEASHORE IT SHOULD BE!

On Bank Gets Naples in Foreclosure Sale

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