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Posted on January 6 at 8:39 p.m.

Can we please get back on topic?

Ok. So here's the deal. The reporter didn't write the headline. A "designer" did that. But the page was signed-off by one of two people, "Director of News Operations" Don Katich or City Editor Scott Steepleton. They see the front page before it goes to press and sign-off on it. Every day. Also, most stories written by interns, or new reporters have the lede graph written AHEAD of time by Steepleton. So, the slant is set before the rest of the story is written. This happens very frequently.

So, this is why all eyes should be on the News-Press following this story. No retraction will come from Wendy. Period.

Now, it is very interesting that the reporter (who is very new) chose to tweet her thoughts against the story and NP. According to the Indy story, she requested that her byline (name) not be attached to the story. This gives her credit as to conscious and some professionalism. Ironically, this is the same situation that helped set off the chain reaction that came to be known as the News-Press Meltdown in 2006. Reporters didn't want their name used for the same type of slants. Well, we know what happened next.

Then, Knopf called out NP police via Twitter, which is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN. A sports writer was fired by Steepleton shortly after the meltdown, for what Steepleton said was a similar act. (Although truthfully, it was because the sports writer told an irate caller why the NP didn't cover a golf tournament was a lack of reporters---HONEST! Steepleton told him that's why he was fired for that! "Divulging company secrets"

Also, FB is blocked at the NP except for 1 computer. Emails went out to all newsroom "team" members from Katich that they are to not use social media while at work. Although

So, by that 1 graph in the Indy story, there are 3 blatant News-Press violations and 2 reporters were fired for similar acts.

So, the all eyes should be on Knopf, and see if she has a job tomorrow. Wouldn't that be the biggest irony of all? The reporter who didn't want the byline & chose to defend herself is fired, but the "leader" who approved the headline isn't. That's the reality of the News-Press. It's not like the real world. It's Wendy's world.

The NP doesn't follow AP Style and really hasn't adhered to it for some time. At one point they wanted to abandon the AP as a source altogether.

As for earlier comments by people who claim the NP is the leader, honestly, they miss more stuff daily than you know.

Go out and protest loudly on Thursday. Look for Steepleton peering out the window at you from the 2nd floor. (That is if he's there...he's off a lot and/or he is with his wife Life Assistant Editor Charlotte "working from home") and Katich really dislikes public discord towards what he believes is one of the "Best newspapers in the country"

On Protest Planned over <em>News-Press</em> Headline

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