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Posted on August 18 at 11:43 a.m.

OK and let's ALSO remember that false accusations DO exist and happen all the time. I'm not saying he is innocent OR guilty, I'm talking about the bigger overall picture here. People automatically assume the man is the predator and the female is the victim without even knowing the facts most of the time in these cases. It's crazy. Now he did go to trial and was found guilty, it's done. I just pray that this isn't one more innocent man getting locked up because we have way too many innocent men (and women) in prison already. The system is messed up.

On Teens Take Stand in Jeschke Trial

Posted on April 29 at 10:20 a.m.

How judgemental people can be. We are not part of the jury and there is plenty that we are not aware of. I pray that the truth comes out. There are SO many false accusations out there these days. Just do a little research and you will see how many men (and women) get locked up and then the "victim" comes forward sometimes years later and admits that they lied. It's so sad. Then again, if he did have sex with her...well..I remember how girls can be in high school and they are NOT all innocent and pure. Just keeping it real.

On Jeschke Trial: Day Two

Posted on April 24 at 4:16 p.m.

These types of accusations happen ALL the time people. I pray that the TRUTH come out. He is innocent until proven guilty. There are many young, insecure girls out there coming from broken families that become infatuated with attractive older men. Some take it too far and when they get rejected they lash out and try to ruin lives. It doesn't look good for the coach with a judge like Ochoa and a D.A. like Dudley. Ochoa and Dudley should realize that the TRUTH should come before the politics....but they sure do get a lot of perks by putting another man away. Unbelievable.

On Teens Take Stand in Jeschke Trial

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