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Posted on August 21 at 8:25 p.m.

You know that pot "in our back hills and coming across the border" would be eliminated entirely if marijuana were legalized and taxed. Despite the fact that marijuana is illegal federally there is still massive demand for it, and as a result of this demand there is a thriving black market. Prices are artificially high because of the high risk involved in growing or importing the substance. However if you legalize and tax, legitimate businesses will thrive because they will be able to deliver better product at lower prices. They would be able to do this by growing locally and openly.

The DEA doesn't even need to worry about their position. They could just become the de facto drug regulators. They could focus on shutting down illegal operations that don't have the permits or meet the standards to operate. The ATF does it with alcohol and tobacco, why couldn't the DEA do it for marijuana?

On Shakedown From Feds Imperils Medicinal Marijuana

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