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Posted on December 1 at 1:06 p.m.

So much for innocent until proven guilty being the standard in Santa Barbara! You all better hope that you or your loved ones never get accused of a crime they didn't commit because unfortunately for those who are falsely accused (albeit a rare occurrence, I'm sure) and end up before a jury, they will be stuck with people like you as jurors who clearly refuse to abide by the LAW, which clearly states people are PRESUMED innocent UNTIL PROVEN guilty. Simply being arrested OR accused of a crime DOES NOT necessarily mean they did it.

I mean the article starts out by saying "with not much to go on besides a body lying in the street discovered Sunday morning and statements from witnesses who saw an assault take place the night prior" (the same witnesses the author of the article says "saw an assault taking place at about 9:30 p.m. Saturday" yet no one called the police to report it?) and ends with "no weapon has been recovered, and no drugs were found at the scene," yet you all are ready to hang them or otherwise condemn them BEFORE hearing all of the evidence?? Now I have never been accused of a crime, let alone ever been arrested, nor do I know anyone who has been arrested, and I have a family and I am JUST AS CONCERNED as the next SB resident about the increase in violence here in town, but I also am open-minded enough to know that not every person arrested in SB is actually guilty of the crime for which they are accused and not naive enough to believe that the SB Police ALWAYS get it right or that the SB D.A.'s office doesn't overcharge.

Let's let the investigation unfold and not prematurely judge the accused BEFORE all of the evidence is known and hope to God that jurors follow THE LAW and not go into court with a preconceived notion of guilt or innocence simply based on arrest BEFORE hearing ALL of the evidence. Clearly we all have a right to be concerned about the increase in violence here in Santa Barbara, but have ANY of you considered for even a second that there are people out there (however small the number may be) who have been arrested for crimes they did not commit? I don't know if the 6 arrested here are innocent OR guilty but they're simply being arrested shouldn't be given weight by any of us with regard to their guilt or innocence. However, given how quick everyone here is willing to judge them (despite such little evidence, as indicated by the article's author) I felt the need to speak up and point out that NONE of us know the whole story and should maybe consider that the law exists for a reason. Not abiding by that law has caused many innocent people to go to prison, and worse, put to death, and that should offend you just as much as these horrific crimes do, in my opinion.

On Police Arrest Six for De la Vina Murder

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