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Posted on May 30 at 8:37 a.m.

Where was the NSA in all of this? Why are therapist and parents making the calls? According to NSA reports they are not only reading every email and recording the phone calls they even read minds, What the whistleblower means by "reading minds" is that we often type thoughts into emails, comments, blogs, or documents. These keystrokes are monitored too. So even if you erase the words they still saw them. In other words, they see what you post and what you did not post, but thought about posting.

It takes hours and hours to write 141 pages of content, likely hours of editing to make sure your manifesto read the way his crazy a&& wanted it to read. Is this not domestic terrorism?

We are forced to accept random acts of violence. It happens. Yet in this case we have a trail and even with the trail the violence happened. The killer wasn't able to just get a gun, the killer was able to plan and document his attacks. People on alerted the media and police, his parents told the police, the therapist told the police that there was a problem and who knows how many other red flags were seen.

The police have no problem going all in on searching the homeless but if a kid in a BMW is acting funny they let it go.

I am not blaming law enforcement, but do not let them sweep this under the rug. Let's here the 911 call from the killers parents when they called about the manifesto, it has a time stamp on it. Prove to us you did everything you could to protect and serve. They have undercover cops breaking up parties in IV, mainly because they got a grant that gives them funding to do it. Yet we all pay them to protect us, no grants should be needed to give the citizens protection.

Gun control is not the issue here, the gun purchase was controlled. There was the same amount of innocent people killed with knives as there were guns.

This tragedy seems avoidable, not without the killer getting serious mental health, he did not need to be sent to college he needed to be sent to a Physchitrist for serious help.

Parents if you have a kid at home who seems like they are hurting, not fitting in or in need of someone to talk too, encourage it. Help them find help. When I was 17 a day seemed like a lifetime. Now at 40 I can't remember those days, they seem like a lifetime ago.

On Isla Vista Killer's April 30 Check-Up

Posted on August 8 at 8:30 a.m.

Full disclosure I am not involved with any religious groups and I have no political party that I associate with. I am pro gay marriage and have nothing against the homosexual community.

This is ridiculous. We are costing Santa Barbara jobs (that were lost when Burger King closed, landscaping etc). The two week delay cost people money and for what reason? What about the lost sales taxes? How about a healthy alternative to hamburger shops?

Chick Fil A has always been proud of its religious backgrounds. It is the only store I know that closes on Sundays in major malls. They are passionate about their beliefs and they have forever intertwined them into their business. Most people that share the same religious beliefs as the owner of CFA but may not say so publicly. It does not mean they are not against gay marriage. The owner was honest about his position on the matter and it was a baited question. Does he fund anti gay rights movements with his profits? Maybe but that is his right, just like the people boycotting have their rights.

In and Out Burger is against gay marriage too. Yet they are open for business serving up fries, placemats and drinks with hidden religious messages. You are giving them your money and they are pushing the bible verses on you. If I was an Atheist, Muslim or Jew I would more offended by a company pushing an agenda rather then one man's honest answer about his beliefs. I have never been handed any religious propaganda by Chick Fil A, I have been by In and Out.

This grandstanding by people who are shocked that a religious man is against gay marriage is stupid and makes our town and country seem stupid and is costing us time and money.

Be offended by the fact that people that believe the same thing as the CFA owner are pouring 100 million dollars a month to elect a guy that agrees with them. Or that Obama had over a billion donated by people that agree with him and he couldn't advance gay rights. You can't point your finger at one and not the others.

If you do not like the company go elsewhere. Do not stop them from their right to open a successful business, employ people that need jobs and pay taxes. Not to mention hiring local landscapers that now must wait two more weeks to get work they likely needed. We do not have to spend our money with CFA but we have no right stopping a legitimate business because it's owner was honest about what he does with his profits.

That is unless we are all willing to disclose what we do with our earned money!


On Chick-fil-A Debate Santa Barbara Style

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