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Posted on April 9 at 5:45 p.m.

1) The New Media Studio was the actual (not "putative") client of the Bren School project. TNMS co-wrote the project proposal, supported a summer intern, provided online tools, and helped and encouraged the project every step of the way.

2) It's misleading to claim that the Bren group's predictions are less alarming than the scenario used by the Light Blue Line project. In fact, the Bren group's "middle" projection (1.4m of sea level rise in 100 years) is essentially equivalent to the Light Blue Line scenario (7m of sea level rise in 500 years). Note that while the Light Blue Line scenario was an educated guess, the Bren group scenarios are informed by the most recent peer-reviewed science on the behavior of continental ice sheets, and are, if anything, conservative in their projections of sea level rise.

/James Frew
faculty advisor, Sea Level group project
member, Light Blue Line steering committee

On Bren School Researchers Make Sea Rise Map

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