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Posted on March 3 at 7:46 a.m.

Anyone who thinks that voter fraud was organized and implemented by a county supervisor is an idiot.

Not only would it be impossible to design and orchestrate there is absolutely no logical motive that would justify this type of fraud let alone a method for implementing.

Pappas is the poster boy for a sore loser. This guy defines the word loser. I cannot wait for him to be filing bankruptcy to pay for his insanity.

On Pappas Takes Election Fight into Criminal Territory

Posted on April 6 at 9:06 a.m.

What we need is a law protecting the privacy of personal information that is submitted via rental applications. The fact that there is no law in place that provides any level of protection or provides any set level of restitution for personal information that is submitted via a rental application is absurd.

Without placing a value on the information or better yet a consequence for those who gather such data we are just waiting for these scams to come along.

A State law that would require the requester or receiver of personal information gathered for the purpose of renting a dwelling to hold such information in strict confidence and to destroy such data as soon as the necessary information was used for the intended purpose would protect the applicant from unscrupulous and sloppy people. It would provide a level of protection for the incredibly sensitive and valuable data these landlord's and property managers collect. Placing a criminal and punitive value on the collection and misuse of this data would be beneficial to the applicant and perhaps prevent a number of cases of identity theft as a result of unscrupulous and negligent landlords and property managers.

On Scam Targets Craigslist Apartment Hunters

Posted on March 27 at 9:16 a.m.

While I can understand the lack of desire to make changes to the General Plan this was a good design for a rather unpopulated and unpopular area of the county. The La Purisima golf course is phenomenal and hopefully it will be able to remain a golf course. Looking down the road 20 years the Lompoc valley will become a treasure. Act now folks the future is coming this type of low impact high dollar return development is key to the future of Lompoc and the Santa Ynez valley.

On Supes Nix Golf Resort

Posted on March 23 at 8:02 a.m.

They look like a couple of latino gang bangers to me.

A couple of losers headed back to their chosen home - prison.

Let's put these losers to work. Bring back the Chain Gang!!!

On Brothers Arrested Following Milpas Shooting

Posted on March 21 at 8:41 a.m.

Either this guy Mike is stupid or is truly a fool. No one is going to vote for an un-accomplished, convicted criminal with a penchant for self promotion. Well almost no-one...

What are you trying to promote here Mike? The fact that your father was a criminal and that you are as well? Appearing on Oprah as a recovered wife beater is not a good thing!

This is a lot like the last election when "what's his name" ran, lost and was arrested a short time later in Las Vegas for assaulting a democratic volunteer and carrying an assault rifle.

You really cant make this stuff up.

On Mayoral Candidate Interviewed on <em>Oprah</em>

Posted on March 17 at 7:31 a.m.

What a tool - seriously. Pappas loses the election, the recount adds only 1 vote and he wastes the time and money to pursue this case based on his "perceived" support in IV?

I hope he is burdened with the Farr's legal fees. What a waste of tax dollars and courts time.

Pappas you are a true jack ass.


Jaque Hass

On Pappas Shut Down by Judge

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