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Posted on October 18 at 7:12 p.m.

Oh, come on...unless you're a complete moron, you should be able to handle a simple phone call while you're driving without killing anybody. For some reason, we have managed the skills necessary to fiddle with our CD players and radios, rearrange and eat our fast food tacos and burgers, and search in our purses for lip gloss without don't think we can maintain forward motion competently because one hand is held up to our ear? I bet there was the same hysteria when they first put radios in cars -- "we're all going to die!". Texting is have to actually look at the thing the whole time. But making a simple phone call shouldn't take your eyes off the road, and shouldn't interfere with normal driving. I'm tired of all the safety-Nazi hysteria about this.

On Zero Tolerance for Hands-On Cell Phone Use

Posted on February 1 at 6:39 p.m.

Bottom line....385 drivers had their right to probable cause violated that night, and NO drunk drivers were found. The fact that you haven't yet been able to pay off a ticket (and most are in the outrageous range of $300-500 -- who can just DO that in a one-month timeframe?) does not make you a dangerous driver, It should not result in your car being impounded so that you can't go to work to continue trying to raise enough to pay those ridiculous sums and make yourself legal again. This isn't about drunk driving, or "keeping the streets safe"'s about money. And, as many before me have pointed out, its about harassing all the working poor until they stop tackying up Santa Barbara and leave all of the beautiful rich people alone.

On Fishing for DUIs in Goleta

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