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Posted on December 2 at 9:22 a.m.

All the Council needs to do is have one member from either the Liberal or Conservative side agree on an applicant. If I were a betting man, I'd say that's Brian Barnwell with a swing vote from Bendy White.

On Dog in the Manger Bluez

Posted on November 2 at 7:33 a.m.

Citti, I guess you just don't know Das. You should meet him sometime and talk about things. You'll find your initial impressions are far from the mark.

On When the Fur Flies

Posted on November 1 at 6:55 p.m.

Das will win easily, with a larger margin than most watchers are predicting. The negative ads funded primarily by the Republican party and Big Oil, will have an affect on undecideds, but not fuel them into joining the ranks of Stoker's Jokers in large numbers.

Although an unhealthy amount of undecideds are part of the mix this year, the percentage will not be enough to overcome Das' initial 19-point advantage AND the fact that most Santa Barbara County voters have been down this road before -- the opposition talking trash about a true public servant who knows how to get it done.

Ventura County will be a toss-up, most likely, and follow the same pattern as the Democratic primary; basically a 50-50 split.

Das' 16-month campaign has been a wonder to watch. So many dedicated volunteers and supporters! Compare Das' campaign and Stoker's and you just can't see how Stoker could win -- even with all the money behind him.

On When the Fur Flies

Posted on June 7 at 7:39 a.m.

Noting several of the comments above being similar and amounting to "Das' campaign shouldn't be so upset at Susan's campaign pointing out their differences on PXP/Tranquillon." I don't think that's what Das and his staff were bothered about. It was probably the fact that PXP/Tranquillon was Sussan's and her staff ONLY issue and it was merely a difference in HOW to stop oil drilling.

I agree with some other comments that point out the Jordan campaign would have been better served to highlight the details of Susan's accomplishments and take Das on issue-by-issue. In effect, an issues-oriented race would have been more honest than a mud-slinging one. Although maybe not as interesting, we voters would have been better served.

On Last-Minute Onslaught of Mud

Posted on June 6 at 10:39 a.m.

One week, the Jordan campaign puts out a mailer with an exploding oil platform combined with Das' picture. Next week, they make a big deal out of his staff photo-shopping a campaign glass. Get some perspective, folks. And, while you're at it, realize that your campaign strategy of trying to tear Das down, instead of running on Susan's record, is why you will lose this election.

On Last-Minute Onslaught of Mud

Posted on June 5 at 8:47 p.m.

Boring. PXP/Tranquillon is a dead issue.

Das and his campaign should just shake their head at Susan Jordan and her campaign and keep doing what they've been doing. His has been an impressive campaign and he will win it.

On Last-Minute Onslaught of Mud

Posted on June 3 at 12:50 p.m.

Hah, Hah. I gotta laugh. With all due respect, all the anti-Das comments above merely illustrate the fact that Susan Jordan offers us nothing more than a vote against PXP (now a dead issue) and attacks on her opponent (who will she attack after she's lost the election?). Her campaign strategy, it would appear, is "all about Das." Well, what about me, what about us? Who's gonna help fix the mess in Sacramento that Susan's husband Pedro Nava is part and parcel of? Where is the progressive thought in all of this? It's with Das, because Susan IS right. It's all about Das. He's got the vision and he's got the experience to successfully fight it out to the end, running on his record of service.

On What’s in Their Wallets?

Posted on June 3 at 11:16 a.m.

I'm pretty sure if she was ahead in fundraising, Susan Jordan wouldn't be complaining. Fact is, during the campaign, Das garnered far more endorsements and contributions than she ever hoped to. Given the system of campaign funding we have had in this country for a couple of hundred years, now, Das' fundraising and endorsements demonstrates he's good at what he does. He will kick-ass for us in Sacramento.

On What’s in Their Wallets?

Posted on May 18 at 8:19 a.m.

If Das were pro-oil, the Sierra Club would not be endorsing him: - Both Das and Susan Jordan want an end to offshore oil drilling. They only differ on how to do that. If Jordan feels she needs to try to paint das with an oil stick in order to win election, that's on her.

On 35th State Assembly District: Das Williams

Posted on March 27 at 6:55 a.m.

My kids are a mix of White and Asian. All three have attended SB public schools. All were either in GATE classes and/or Honors. Honors is a joke. It's really just for prestige. GATE is about working harder and learning more.

And, this last point is the real reason why there is a lack of Hispanic students in GATE. Every class my kids had that had a high Hispanic ratio were inevitably too slow to maintain their interest. In part, this may be a result of bilingual teaching and not reflective of the students, themselves.

Forcing under-achievers into a GATE-like program because of their skin color is all wrong.

Everyone is dancing around this issue for the sake of political correctness and only the over-achievers in high school will suffer. GATE was a great program and I attribute part of the success of my kids to their attendance in GATE classes.

On GATE to Honors: A Postscript

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