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Posted on September 7 at 5:28 p.m.

Dear Rinconer, You should think before you type and or speak. You are obviously ignorant when it comes to the Carpinteria Water Board and its members. What information or facts do you have to back up your statements? At the very least, own your statement. Put your name on it. Do you attend the Water Board meetings? Mr. Lieberknecht is my father and is without a doubt the very best man I know. His honesty and integrity is irreproachable and that is only part of what has made him one of the most respected citizens of Carpinteria and Santa Barbara County.
The other member you speak of that committed suicide was one of my friends I grew up with in Carpinteria. He had personal problems as we all do at times. It is a sad tragedy. How dare you put some idiotic statement out there that you know absolutely nothing about.
Actually it’s ok, because I can ascertain by your offensive and distasteful statements that you are not from Carpinteria. Therefore, your comments really mean nothing to us except that you are just another uniformed, ignorant fool.

On Water Warriors vs. Water Buffaloes

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