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Posted on April 27 at 1:34 p.m.

^^^^ Reed is actually over at the Community Corrections Office (CCM) Long Beach, in San Pedro, Los Angeles County. It's a Federal Facility for Adults
You can see it here:
http : // bop . gov/iloc2/LocateInmate . jsp

Good article, Barney. Important to warn the residents, lol!

BTW, The Church of Scientology and it's sub-entities like Celebrity Centre, Inc, Narconon and such had to repay a lot of money ( but not as much as they reaped) to the bankruptcy trustee ( but not as much as they reaped) that they received from some of Reed's investors after they got their money from him only to then "donate' them back to the church coffers. No doubt this was part of the scam, he being a big field Minister of the church of Scientology at the time.

He made many enemies because of his ponzi scam. So many victims did not get their money back... some only a fraction of their investment. Between that and the fact that the church of scientology and it's members threw him to the curb, he's going to be one shunned guy when he gets out. After seeing him on American Greed, it's clear the guy has not come too far on repenting of what he did. Integrating back into society is going to be quite challenge for him and I hope it's as hard for him as it was for all those who trusted him only to lose their life savings.

Hope you follow up on his reentry into society.

On Ponzi King Due Back from Slammer

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