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Posted on November 14 at 8:48 p.m.

I'm 100% in favor of the Bellosguardo Foundation being formed in honor of Huguette, who I think after her mother died, led a dreary life. Her relatives, descended from her half sisters, already benefited from Senator Clark's will, in which Huguette and her half sisters received an equal amount. What I don't understand, if her lawyer and accountant were dishonest, why did they keep the first will? Why didn't these relatives' parents or grandparents visit Huguette on Fifth Avenue?

I think a compromise will be reached, so stay in there, Santa Barbara and fight to honor Huguette.

On Mayoral Blitz Over Clark Estate

Posted on January 4 at 8:23 p.m.

I enjoyed this article so much to know early on Huguette relished life. I have read a lot about the Clarks because my great grandmother's sister Amanda married Senator Clark's brother William. William ran the mining operations in Butte and my family benefited from their will. I think Amanda retired to Santa Barbara (I think she died in the 1930s). Perhaps she got together with Huguette on occasion.

I would like to know more from Barbara. Perhaps she can add details. Also I'd like to know more about the comment Huguette parted ways with the Clarks. How can I find out more?

I suspect that after her immediate family was gone, Huguette lost the spark she had in her younger days. It sounds like she and her mother lived like Hollywood royalty. I hope to learn more, and thanks so much for starting this memorial.

On Huguette Clark 1906 – 2011

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