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Posted on January 14 at 9:23 a.m.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) admits that the rise in reported whooping cough cases cannot be blamed on unvaccinated children because "they are not the driving force behind the large scale outbreaks and epidemics."

It's important to realize that the pertussis vaccine has never conferred lifelong immunity to whooping cough—even after multiple doses.

"The researchers said that it was happening even before countries like the United States and the U.K. switched from the whole-cell whooping cough vaccine to the acellular whooping cough vaccine, but the evolution of whooping cough bacteria has progressed more rapidly since the new vaccine was introduced a decade ago. Journal of Infectious Diseases

In 2013, the FDA discovered that while the whooping cough vaccine may reduce symptoms in those who are vaccinated, the pertussis vaccine does not prevent infection and transmission of the disease.

On Infant Dies from Whooping Cough

Posted on January 9 at 3:28 p.m.

I don't know anyone who calls all latinos Illegals. The term has nothing to do with implying a person is less than human. It has nothing to do with implying a person is not worthy of being part of a community.

It has to do with jumping the line ahead of all the people who applied legally, and meet the requirements of having training or education, having a job or getting one easily due to demand, and being financially responsible for everyone you bring with you.

I promise, if the NP writes an article about crackers at DMV, and includes a picture of a line of white people, with me in it, I won't vandalize their office building because I have much bigger issues to worry about, like our poison food supply, dwindling water sources, terrorism, or leaving an economically unsustainable world for my children and grandchildren, filled with high taxes, a nanny state, and no middle class.

On Latinos Are Human, Too

Posted on January 9 at 3:02 p.m.

Many don't seem to remember old school journalism that exposed dirty politicians, and certainly didn't cater to the government or purposely make PC social commentary. The community does not dictate journalism. Media is supposed to report. Opinion pieces are for slanted articles.

"Illegals" has become a generic term for people who have broken a law - committed an illegal act - by coming into this country illegally. It is not a degrading term. It is what it is - a term for a group of law breakers. If the illegals are offended by being called illegals, then ... oh, well. Become a citizen.

On Protestors Blast <em>News-Press</em> Headline

Posted on January 7 at 4:46 p.m.

In the area I live in, Tempe, AZ, there are few jobs for teens or really, anyone under 25. Typical teen jobs like fast food, restaurant staff, hotel cleaning, car washes, etc, are all taken by mid-aged Mexicans who often don't speak English.

When construction was booming here all the job sites were filled with Mexicans. Many work for cash under the table, then send most of it "back home".

Schools? When I think of the money spent on ESL and ELL and etc., etc., that could be spent on other programs for students whose parents actually pay taxes. What is Title I costing us?

We need workers? Fine, bring the workers on work visas. Verify they are not abused or taken advantage of, then when the work is done, send them home. We don't need 35 family members along with the strawberry pickers.

On Protest Planned over <em>News-Press</em> Headline

Posted on December 17 at 12:59 p.m.

I'd like to see programs in the schools to teach students social skills. My parents taught me how to take care of myself, what to say back when people teased me, where a well-placed knee to a boy would make him go away, but evidently parents aren't doing this anymore.

If you walk tall and have confidence, few people will mess with you. And what happened to people's friends? They used to have your back. And if a child doesn't have any friends, then the school should intervene on that.

If someone teases you, and you wilt and cry, it's blood in the water for sharks. We need to be teaching young people how to be strong. People will mess with you forever. Are you going to run to your boss when you are 35 when the guy in the next cube messes with you?

On A Letter to the Bullied

Posted on December 17 at 12:49 p.m.

We can't all drive electric cars by tomorrow (or want to). In the interim, we should drill enough to not need to import any - at all.

And ... what sacrifices will be necessary to have a grid that can handle all electric cars and power? Fish? Birds? Land?

On Goleta Moves to Shut Down Venoco’s Oil Plant

Posted on December 17 at 12:41 p.m.

I guess, Heart, I have had very little financial issues in my life because when my parents farm failed my Dad got a job in the city and they moved. Then they only had 2 kids, so they could take care of them. And they didn't have me until they were 30, so yea, I've been around really responsible people who never took a handout from anyone.

Then I had one child, because I felt like that was all we could really afford and raise him the way we wanted to. Sure, when I was single money was pretty tight, but like others have said on here in truly amazing ways - I cut back and made do.

I read an article a number of years ago about a young man, about 24-25, who was struggling on $10 an hour. He thought he deserved more since he worked so hard, etc. Problem was, his wife, who was about 23, was pregnant with their 3rd child. And the young man had no training or education past high school.

It shouldn't be up to us to bail out this young man, who made really stupid decisions that many of us don't make, and take care of ourselves.

On Hungry on the Holidays

Posted on September 18 at 1:27 p.m.

syv_frenchie - I'm with you on this. I lived in SB from 1999-2003. What a nightmare. 60s houses that have never been upgraded, cramped apartments with orange shag (ewww), and landlords that never want to fix anything ever.

I think the illegal structures and setups that no one ever does anything about, and that people are actually willing to live in, certainly contributes to the crazy prices. I looked at a house with a garage, but I couldn't use the garage because someone was living in it. Then there was the "2 bdrm" house that the 2nd bedroom was actually a small closet they were calling a bedroom.

I have lived in 5 states. I really resented having to lower my standard of living so drastically just to live in SB.

On The High Price of Renting in Paradise

Posted on September 3 at 1:35 p.m.

So, someone calls the police on you, says you are crazy and you own a gun. Then what? Crazy according to whom? If you have, until then, done nothing wrong, how are the police going to investigate you or search your home or computer?

I'm having Joseph McCarthy flashbacks.

On ‘Elliot Rodger’ Bills Pass Legislature

Posted on August 28 at 1:03 p.m.

So, expansion ... but we can't talk about housing or parking, 'cause they're already "on it".

On Measure S: The $288 Million Question

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