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Posted on November 11 at 11:46 a.m.

Children are smart. They know when they have a parent over a barrel. They know when they have the tactical advantage, and they will push that advantage mercilessly, even if the only thing at stake is a gum ball or a cheap red plastic barrette. Being willing to walk away from the "negotiations" is a valuable parental tool. I can't imagine a safer environment to leave a child standing empty handed for 10 seconds than Paseo Nuevo mall. When a 4 year old girl gets no bickering response from her mother, but instead sees her turn her back to leave, the wind will rapidly leave the sails of her strong arm tactics.

These toddler strong arm tactics tend to work in public because of the knee jerk intolerance of crabby self important people like this Court Mandated Joke. I cannot believe that anything that took place in the Baby Gap in Paseo Nuevo that day rose to the level of child abuse. Which means this woman is a petty bureaucratic who feels like a big shot by throwing around her little title. The scary thing is that insufferable bullies like this might actually be ruining people's lives for a living. If anyone knows who this court mandated reporter is, they should report her.

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