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Posted on September 12 at 4:22 p.m.

I believe this article's intention may have been to be humorous, but instead has gone awry and condones the immature and thoughtless behavior of a racist or homophobe. To each his own? Absolutely! Freedom of speech? Sure? But can't we live and llet live? Must we continuously bash those whose thoughts or ideals are different from our own?

I think vegans are onto something BIG. Eating dead flesh and drinking fluid from a cow causes cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. More people die each hour from meat and dairy induced diseases than the murders on 9/11. But unlike 9/11, the deaths and the sickness that clogs the arteries of our society keep on striking. Have you seen the documentary "The Last Heart Attack" with president Bill Clinton featured? It is entirely possible for our society to never suffer another heart attack, not even one! But we have to be willing to stop eating other living animals and their unborn (eggs) and drinking their milk. If you think about it, that is simply disgusting!

So instead of us condemning those whose beliefs or knowledge we dont understand and then laughing it off to make yourself feel better about continuing in your ways of eating that are slowly killing you; how about you and I wake up and smell the coffee? Maybe we are the ones who are eating weird, and everytime at a gathering they tell us the health benefits of veganism see it for what it is: they are trying to save our life as well as all the lives of the animals who die for our dinner.

And gluten free, seriously, you would dare condemn a medical condition? I don't see you writing about alcoholics and their "weird" attraction to drink, or condemning Diabetics for avoiding desserts. You can't have it both ways! Either you accept people for who they are and how they eat, or you dont. Don't hide behind your prejudice with humor. It really isn't funny.

I am not a vegan (yet, but considering it) or a gluten free person, but if I were, you would definitely offend me and everyone else who cares about their health. Seriously people, this is not kindergarten, and you should not treat people this way.

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