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Posted on March 12 at 7:07 a.m.

Tickets can be purchased at this link:

And DON'T MISS the fantastic food from Georgia's Smokehouse!

On Set List Show

Posted on November 22 at 6:09 a.m.

Surprise Guests Coming! This show will be off the charts funny! Don't miss it

On <em>Set List</em> at Avelina Wine Co.

Posted on June 5 at 7:51 a.m.

Well don't lose hope, there's always my friend Doug Stanhope looking out for his peeps

On Atheists Saved!

Posted on March 22 at 5:37 p.m.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Basura Non Grata!

On Pini Popped for Pilfering

Posted on November 8 at 2:37 a.m.

Only a few seats left! Sign up now today.

On <em>No Indoor Voices</em> Writing Workshop Intensive

Posted on February 24 at 5:17 a.m.


On Comedian Doug Stanhope Headlines Velvet Jones Saturday March 5th

Posted on November 15 at 7:48 p.m.

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On Paul Provenza

Posted on June 5 at 8:14 a.m.

Kitchen closes @ 9:00 pm but wine, beer, coffee and desserts are still available after the kitchen closes. Hope to see you there!!!

On <em>Are You F@#$% Kidding Me?!</em>

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