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Posted on January 11 at 3:05 p.m.


>>>>Heavy stuff, I know, but I think (biased that I am) it's a potentially very useful framework for tackling some of these very complex topics. My paper includes a simple mathematical framework for quantifying complex subjects. <<<<<<

It'll mostly be over my head, but hell yah I want to see it. This is really interesting stuff to investigate. You have lit a new fire under me. I am grateful for that.

On The C Word — Consciousness — and Emergence

Posted on January 11 at 2:52 p.m.

I really enjoyed this bit of honesty about the philosophy of science: >>>>In closing, I want to reiterate that there can be no certainty in this discussion. If we are intellectually honest, the best we can say is “position x seems better than position y because of a, b, c reasons.” And this is the nature of philosophy more generally – and of science, for that matter, even if this truth is not widely acknowledged.<<<<<

Ken Wilber is referenced. He loves to point out the category errors in the materialist position, as well as some of the underlying philosophical problems that many of his neo-atheist critics seem to breeze by as if they don't exist. The problem is, Ken is right. Even a 1st year philosophy student knows this.

There is also a reference to Alan Watts:

>>>>Alan Watts said it best: “For every inside there is an outside, and for every outside there is an inside; though they are different, they go together.”<<<<<

The first person I encountered who offered up this idea is Teilhard de Chardin. If Teilhard got the idea from someone else, I would love to know who. I enjoy tracing back these various ontological ideas to their original source(s), and that's my motivation for pointing this out. Not to make the author appear uninformed, but to just point out that Teilhard was onto this, as well as complexity and emergence long before the Santa Fe Institute starting doing the real math and science of Complexity.

So if anyone else is into tracing back these lines of thought and knows of someone before Teilhard who was into emergence, complexity, and the idea that all matter has some form of rudimentary consciousness, I would love a reference to that work. TIA.

On The C Word — Consciousness — and Emergence

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