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Posted on September 18 at 7:35 p.m.

I don't think whoever wrote this article watched the episode correctly. Walt did plea for Hank's life, and offered up his entire fortune. He spited Jesse for teaming up with Hank and luring him into the desert (remember, that was Jesse's idea. Hank's was wiring Jesse up at the plaza).

The phone call he placed to Skyler was a ruse to exonerate her of his wrongdoings, according to the police. I'm pretty sure his crying at the end of that conversation, and him giving up the baby (which the kidnapping was part of the big plan) was the dead giveaway.

Walt's trying to redeem himself as his world is crashing down, and spiting Jesse (who has been a long term thorn on his side) seemed downright refreshing. Jesse spits in his face, Walt hits him with a deadblow.

On Recap: <em>Breaking Bad</em>, “Ozymandias”

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