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Posted on April 20 at 1:21 a.m.

have been working in the harbor for over 25 years. sadly I have seen manipulative jealous competitors SETUP another person in the harbor to get them IN trouble. this HAS gone way beyond anything I've ever seen. you should be ashamed of yourself to take down two men that I've known for the whole time I've worked in the harbor. I have seen and watched these two men work with the upmost integrity. Media is a very dangerous AND most of it untruthful as we all know. it is always one sided. someone in the harbor called the media so they can detour from the real thieves. we all know who they are if you work in the harbor. I do the paper work for the harbor And I have seen all the receipts for every purchase they have made. It is impossible to steal fish from locked market. These men have been set up and I have heard their lives we're threaten. Their property has been damaged. Charges have not even been made. What kind of world do we live in.? I am keeping me eyes and ears open, because I will personally report everything I hear and see. I know so many people that are going fight to get the real story. Not the one that is filled with lies about these good men. "God bless us All"

On Commercial Fishermen Arrested for Theft

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