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Posted on September 13 at 5:48 p.m.

This is a disgrace to the mission of the Boys and Girls Club and a slap in the face to all of MIKE RATTRAY's predecessors of all the YEARS, DECADES, and GENERATIONS of hard work that went into building the community that Santa Barbara is today. All of the dedication, and genuine love for the community has been tarnished in 3 meaningless years when Mike Rattray took over. Anyone that has a job knows that a job TITLE is just that. Bernard had a TITLE of the Athletic Director. Despite research showing how beneficial participation in sports is to the development in children for reasons other than physical fitness, Bernard was not only an 'Athletic Director' he did everything that Mike Rattray is claiming to 'adjust' in a meaningless job description. Athletics is only one of many methods that Bernard uses to promote academia to close the gap of social disparities among economically disadvantaged families. If Mike Rattray took the time to really assess his programs and staff, he would know Bernard's sole focus was not on Athletic programs. Mike Rattray would also know the powerful impact Bernard had on not only the children that went to the Boys and Girls club, but to the community as well. How many times has Mike Rattray been recognized as a community leader?? How many people even know who he is in the community before he made this uneducated, ignorant and disgraceful decision to lay of Bernard Hicks? You cant operate a successful community-based non-profit when you cant connect with the community. Bernard Hicks did just that, which is clear why he was described as 'the public face of the Westside Boys & Girls Club for the past 14 years'. He has also been recognized as a Santa Barbara community HERO. That kind of recognition doesn't happen by mistake.

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