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Posted on March 1 at 9:54 a.m.

This stuff is just silly.

When the FTC targeted a great many Direct Marketing firms in 2000, The group that would found Bargain Network was just about the only one that was investigated, settled (the restriction on doing credit card business is not a matter of enforcement, it was a condition relieved by settlement. An even slightly thorough reading of the above referenced FTC case will show that very clearly), and cleared to move on doing business. It should be noted that this group, differed from the rest in that they were not found guilty of any wrongdoing whatsoever, both in the trial and the subsequent investigations that went on for years. The BN folks were clearly the dolphins that got caught in the tuna net, and they went on to make our local economy accessible for thousands of otherwise untrained folks trying to stay alive in Santa Barbara for less than six-figures yearly.

Also, the product that everyone claims is scammy? What was wrong with it? People were billed nominal fees for access to information that could save them tens of thousands on home purchases. All they had to do was actually USE the information to complete the purchase, which many did with tons of success. Those that it didn't work for could simply call and cancel and get refunded with no resistance, and anyone who wasn't clear on how the billing works must have been deaf! It's not like they clicked on a link and ignored fine print, there was someone on the phone asking them what they wanted and TELLING them what it cost.

If folks spent the same effort and energy on responsibly managing their personal affairs that they clearly do on twisting facts on internet forums, they wouldn't have anything to be mad about!

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