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Posted on August 2 at 1:19 p.m.

Success is a choice.
I started with this company as a naive 18 year old the summer following my freshman year at UCDavis. This opportunity has provided me with entrepreneurial experience that has molded my outlook on life as one of personal responsibility. Not only am I grateful for this, I am proud to represent Vector, and I am passionate about sharing this opportunity with others.
It is not for everyone. Although even for those for which it is not, I believe it is (what can be painfully) valuable experience.
It's hard, there's failure, and there are obstacles. And in this new economy our youth must fight for a position in the workforce. I am happy to "aggressively" provide opportunities for them to win that fight, and put themselves in a position of choice for the future.
With that, Vector will gladly accept the invitation to attend the SBCC Fall Job Fair Sept 27th. See you on campus ;)

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