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Posted on October 28 at 3:11 a.m.

As she is a Canadian citizen by her father's birth, they will not be back in Canadian court. However, the press does not seem to grasp (nor do the Quaids) that this means very little. They can still be arrested and extradited to the US. Being released this evening will probably bolster their attempt to stay in Canada. Whether the DA would actually spend time on extradition for a charge that would likely be reduced to a criminal trespass remains to be seen.

The really stupid thing on their part is that even if the DA chooses to do nothing the Quaids would never be able to come back to the US without being arrested. Think Roman Polanski. Is it really worth it? The six days they did in detention in Canada is probably more than they would get in the Santa Barbara Court, if convicted. Really foolish on their part. Whether they have to fight extradition or can never set foot in the US again, in addition to all of the really bad press, this is just .... bizarre.

On Quaids Flee 'Star Whackers'

Posted on March 6 at 3:33 a.m.

Yes, I was being sarcastic. I was trying to point out that people have recently literally gotten away with murder only a few miles from La Conchita and the police are proudly putting out press releases that they are wasting time investigating marijuana offenses, in this case what appears to be a completely legal and legitimate enterprise. They shouldn't be issuing press releases, they should be ashamed to be wasting resources.

Assign the guys on the marijuana squad to check cell tower records at the time of the murders. Send them door to door to ask questions and follow up on leads to serious crimes that the community cares about. As best I can tell by the press release, all this guy was guilty of is stealing electricity... admittedly a crime deserving of punishment. But a "months long investigation" resulting in the better part of a million dollars bail so the taxpayers can house this guy until trial??? If they have that much time on their hands, go follow around the registered sex offenders in Ventura. God knows there's enough of them. Very very twisted and a complete waste of already strained police manpower. So, yes, sarcasm.

On Major Cannabis Crackdown

Posted on February 18 at 12:43 a.m.

It's been 8 months since a man in a motorcycle helmet walked in off the beach in Faria and stabbed Pregnant Davina Husted and her husband Brock to death in front of their child. 61 year old Wendy DiRodio was stabbed to death in the Ventura Keys a week later. Ventura County Sheriff's told the press that a break in the case was about to happen. In the weeks that followed, no arrests were made and no suspects were ever identified. Later in Ventura County, 19 year old Melissa Rodriguez was found in the roadway in a pool of blood with a gunshot to her head. Again, no arrests were made and no suspects were ever identified.

Two weeks ago Ventura County Sheriff Bob Brooks issued a press release .... 51 year old Joey Brack was arrested in his home. He was growing pot and had whopping 3 pounds of marijuana in the home. The several month investigation of Mr. Brack also revealed he was not paying for electricity. He was booked and held on $675,000 bail. Today, our Sheriff proudly announced more arrests related to medical marijuana dispensaries in Santa Barbara. I for one, am pleased to see arrests being made and press releases issued which demonstrate that our County is safe and major lawbreakers will be held accountable.

On Major Cannabis Crackdown

Posted on May 31 at 3:12 a.m.

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On Stoker Enters State Assembly Race

Posted on May 27 at 1:59 p.m.

I read today in a search of Google News that search warrants were issued, but that police declined to comment on them. Strange, since a search warrant is a public document unless sealed by the Court. But then this is a strange case. I really do hope the Ventura County Sheriff is following up on every lead possible. For example, checking cell phone records for the cellsites in Faria at the time of the murders. Or checking the neighbors criminal histories to see if the wrong house was targeted. Check the baby's paternity? In this day of being under constant surveillance, is there not ONE security camera the on whole stretch of road the assailant had to travel down after the murders??

Hopefully they will have DNA tests done soon and have something. It would seem difficult to physically assault and murder two people without the assailant's blood being present, even from just a scratch. Brock looked like a pretty big guy, at least big enough to inflict a split lip or bloody nose. Assailant's hair? Assailant's skin under victims' fingernails? All routine and there may yet be a surprise arrest. I'm hoping that the police not commenting on the lack of presence of any of that means they at least have something to test.

Rumors are flying from everyone supposedly "in the know" about this. Some say that Brock was a "slow payer" to his workers. Another said that he had paid someone the day before in cash from the home. And of course, people have put the reported arrest of a person said to have "received stolen property" in connection with the investigation together with a rumor that a black guy was found wearing Brock's bloody watch. Probably none of it true, the the police really need to run down every lead. For the amount the County collects in property tax up here, we get practically no County services but for an occasional police car passing through. Residents up here need this one solved.

On Double Murder at Faria

Posted on January 21 at 3:31 a.m.

Your oft repeated defense of Greka is solely based in your comparison between Greka and nature. Your logic seems to be that if 100 barrels a day of natural oil seepage occurs in nature, it's just fine for Greka to dump a half million gallons on the ground over a decade. The law is there for Greka and every other oil driller to obey. If you have a problem with the law or the logic behind it, why not take it up with the California Legislature instead of defending Greka within ten minutes of every mention of Greka in The Independent? What if every one of the hundreds of oil drillers in California dumped oil on the ground at the rate Greka does? Would that be just fine with you because oil seepage occurs in nature?

By your logic, if a hospital infected patients with deadly illnesses due to illegal unsanitary procedures at a rate over 100 times other local hospitals, then it would be fine with you because, hey, nature kills far more people, right? The answer to your question, "why are natural spills OK?" is simply that spills in nature are not preventable and man made ones are. No one ever said that these spills "threaten life as we know it" as you claim.

If you feel the way you do, why not just stop paying for trash service and dump your trashcan into the street, or better yet, the Pacific Ocean. After all, the fish probably won't die from you doing that and surely more pollution occurs naturally. Why have smog emissions laws on cars, when cows produce more CO2 gas than the cars? Why should there be construction standards so that inhabited dwellings don't burn or collapse. After all, earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters occur naturally. Why don't I just come over an pee in your pool?

Are you getting the point here? Probably not.

On Greka Spills Near Santa Maria

Posted on January 20 at 10:04 p.m.

In fact, click on the name "nuffalready" in any post above and you will see 27 posts spanning well over one year which comment on abolutely no other topic but Greka. He has defended Greka from his very first post.

Over a year ago he claimed "I'm not a Greka employee and I'm not defending bad oilfield practice." Yet his later posts clearly reveal inside knowlege of Greka's operations. All 27 posts defend Greka's bad oilfield practice. So tell us who you are.

On Greka Spills Near Santa Maria

Posted on January 20 at 9:48 p.m.

"Nuffalready", the only emotion you are witnessing is outrage at a sloppy company that continues to make lame excuses for an outrageous pattern of spills. And YOU personally and repeatedly emerge as the sole defender of Greka, immediately on top of every Greka article in the Independent, with your own 'spin' on what happened. What is your interest? You always allege, with no basis whatsoever, that the repeated spills are someone else's fault and do no real harm at all. The public is wrong, the state and federal government agencies are wrong, the press is wrong and you are right... it's all an "eco-melodrama"... is that it?

What do you mean "assuming the response agencies have figured out how to recoup their costs..." That's quite an assumption given Greka has a history of stiffing just about everyone it does business with. How are the agencies going to recoup their costs when they have to get in line at the Bankruptcy Court behind numerous Saba investors and independent contractors with claims against Greka?

And you question why I call you a shill? Tell us now that you do not work for Greka, are not related to anyone that does, and you have no financial interest in Greka. Tell me that and I'll belive you. Or I'll out you because I beleive I know who you are. As for me, you know exactly who I am.

On Greka Spills Near Santa Maria

Posted on January 19 at 11:39 p.m.

Wow, the usual Greka cheering section is getting pretty weak. Here's your first clue .... No one cares if the terminology is "processed" or "produced". What they care about is that oil not wind up on the ground. And the Greka shills always claim sabotage, though there is never ANY evidence of anything more than shoddy equipment and gross incompetence by Greka.

As to the number of gallons in a barrel, well, you guys divide over a half million gallons of oil spilled by Greka into 42 and convice us that Greka and it's management are not total f**k-ups. When are you going to either pay clean up costs or otherwise go out of business? "Nuffalready", what an appropriate yet ironic moniker for a Greka mouthpiece!

I think everyone reading this should call the EPA and pressure them to start collecting the fines owed to the US taxpayer for cleanup costs. Otherwise, Greka will stiff the US Government in Bankrutpcy court just like it did with Unocal.

On Greka Spills Near Santa Maria

Posted on January 11 at 4:22 a.m.

As with every article dealing with a Greka spill, and there are plenty, I take this opportunity to remind you all that Greka is pumping crude oil from a platform lying right offshore on the Ventura County / Santa Barbara County line.

Unlike their privately owed property in Santa Barbara, Greka leases this oil drilling platform, Rincon Island, from the State of California. The State leases the island to Greka at a net LOSS of your tax dollars. So while you all worry about oil being spilled on the dirt and making it's way to the ocean, think about the fact that Greka drills right in the Pacific Ocean right now, with the blessing of the California State Lands Commission.


On Supes Begin 2009 by Tackling Greka Oil Spills

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