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Posted on February 28 at 11:11 a.m.

Hey folks of SB, I visited your lovely city 5 years ago, and I have some very special friends there including one who works for one of the nearby water authorities. I weep for you at this time of drought, as I sit at my desk in Surrey, England, drying my clothes from the drenching I got while cycling back from shopping in the local town. Some folks in this country couldn't dig up their lawn because they haven't seen it in several weeks, since it became submerged in flood water. If only there was some way of averaging things out in different parts of the world!

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Posted on May 9 at 5:11 p.m.

Hey, folks of SB. I have been following developments closely for the past few days, from my home in Surrey, England. I was in your lovely city just over 12 months ago, and visited some of the places that have been affected, such as the Botanic Garden. I have some very special friends in your area, kindly folks who made me feel so welcome, and my thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time of anxiety. What a wonderful community of people you are, sparing no pains to fight the fires to save homes, possessions and lives, and selflessly helping the less fortunate who have lost out. God be with you.

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Posted on July 5 at 11:59 p.m.

It's early Sunday morning, July 6, and I'm sitting at my desk at my home in Surrey in the south of England. I am looking out looking out at a heavily overcast sky and rain coming down lightly but persistently. My thoughts are very much with you anxious folk over there in rather different circumstances, with the sky overcast with smoke and ash. I know what it's like for you, because I grew up in Australia. I well recall as a teenager helping to fight huge wildfires near our home east of Melbourne Victoria. Fires advancing at 80 mph, soot falling all around our house, and that sickening fear that we would soon lose our home.

I spent a week in Santa Barabara in April this year, and I just loved your picturesque and fascinating city. I met many folks there and found them overwhelmingly hospitable and great people. I'd like to post a greeting to Pastor and Mrs Skov of Emanuel Lutheran Church, Modoc Road, and to the many kind members of that church who made me feel so welcome. My prayers are with you at this time of anxiety. My greetings also to Jim and Patty of Arguello Road, thanks so much for opening your home to me during my week there - your're great people! And of course to my special friend Loeee who lives off Cliff Drive near the coast, greetings and hugs from Neil.

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