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Posted on June 5 at 2:57 p.m.

I think in this case the Senior "prank" is a tradition, hence the use of the word. The difference between pranking your school and tagging a freeway sign… hm, well, the high school is an institution devoted to teenage kids, a place where hopefully they feel welcome and celebrated and valued and even encouraged to be a little crazy in a harmless but imaginative way at the end of Senior year. The freeway, and its signs, are entirely different in every respect, and tagging signs is hazardous. Tagging specific gang tags is usually associated with gangs, too. So it seems to me the two acts are pretty different.

I agree this prank doesn't seem to have been thwarted at all. There's a lovely photo and a story in the paper. I think that sideways car between the columns is a pic for the ages. Class of 2015!

On Police Thwart Senior Prank at Santa Barbara High School

Posted on April 3 at 4:17 p.m.

Seems like the city was trying to avoid paying compensation for the three properties and just ended up giving money to lawyers instead. Legislate the value of their properties away and then offer no compensation for the loss? Anyone could have seen this ruling coming a mile away. Wiley has cost the city so much in useless lawsuits that he loses.

And now the worst of it is that new construction will occur there when everyone knows it's a bad idea. And someday 75 years from now when a landslide kills someone, people will look it up in the history books and say why the hell did anyone allowing rebuilding there?

On Court Says Homeowners Can Rebuild

Posted on March 27 at 10:28 a.m.

Botany, it's extremely inappropriate and offensive for you to publish her name here.

On Alleged Girlfriend and Puppy Abuser in Court

Posted on March 27 at 10:16 a.m.

Dear John you are SO MISSED. A wonderful funny smart humane mensch and the most accomplished pain therapist with an astonishing knowledge of every human muscle, in Latin, its movement, attachment, interaction with other muscles and joints, plus the emotional/behavioral/nervous components of physical pain… So many people are better in so many ways for having known you. Resquiat in pace. --Nitz's family

On Obituary for John Steven Harris

Posted on March 5 at 8:14 p.m.

Hey way to go Bill! Blamin' the rape victim, that dear old chestnut. Just chiming in to note that being a drunk girl at a college party, and even being a drunk girl lookin' for a 1-night-stand or hook up or whatevah it's called nowadays and going home with that cute guy from Soc 101 and then heading home early the next morning so you can get ready for your study group at noon… hey, that's college, lots of girls survive that just fine and have a fun time, too. The people to blame for sexual assault would be the assaulters, dontcha know. Most guys aren't like that, fortunately for us gals. In other words, getting drunk at a party is like miles and millennia away from setting yourself on fire. Just sayin'. -Nitz's wife

On Badly Burned Teen Took the 'Fire Challenge'

Posted on March 1 at 1:49 a.m.

This story, and many of the comments, remind me of a great comedy sketch by Dave Chappelle about a blind black man who's a white supremacist and doesn't realize he's black. Ya'll are a hoot.

On Neo-Nazi Sentenced to 22 Years

Posted on December 21 at 1:51 a.m.

That photo of Schneider and Richardson is Pulitzer worthy. And the one of Marshall and Rose is priceless.

On The Shunning of Helene Schneider

Posted on November 25 at 12:09 p.m.

Suing Laguna Blanca is a real stretch. I guess they're going for the deep pockets. The guy may have met the girl when he was a teacher at LB, but the crime happened the following year, when he was no longer her teacher. The allegation that the other teacher, Ms. Elliot, should have reported the previous incident of assault because the girl "discussed it in front of her" is very vague. It doesn't sound like the girl actually went to the teacher and told her about it. How much is a teacher supposed to infer from something that was discussed in front of her-- did the teacher understand that this was a real incident that had never been reported? Even if they can assign blame to Ms. Elliot, is the school responsible for her inaction? Furthermore, to say that reporting the first incident might have saved the girl from the second incident… well, it's a stretch. --Nitz's wife

On Former Teacher Sentenced for Sex with Minor

Posted on November 15 at 7:23 p.m.

Obama was "elevated" to President because he won the election, 365 electoral votes to 173 for his opponent. Thank you Dewdly once again for the choice vocabulary.

"Get over it and move on" might express a desire to quell someone else's free speech, but when it comes from the mouth of an ordinary citizen it is itself free speech. Only when an authority compels a person to "shut up and sit down" can that person claim their civil rights were violated. For me to tell you to shut up, if I'm just some guy on the sidelines, violates nothing. Your right to speak doesn't trump my right to respond. Shouting matches are perfectly legal. In any case a right to free speech doesn't mean you can say anything you want at any time (hence no "fire" in a crowded theatre, no libel, slander, fraud) but only that saying things that are true, or personal opinion, can't land you in jail or get your head chopped off, very specific things the framers had in mind when they wrote that amendment.

I guess if the complainers can show that the professor was trying to incite the crowd to violence against them, perhaps they could make a civil rights claim. Seems like quite a stretch. If she was trying to incite she was unsuccessful, as no one attacked them and the only physical interaction was with the professor herself. The prof had no authority, these weren't her students whom she threatened with F's unless they shut up, so I just don't see a civil rights violation in there. It will be interesting to see what happens.

On Anti-Abortion Group Sues UCSB, Professor, Students

Posted on November 12 at 1:51 a.m.

"…full of women who become hysterical…" eh, Dewdly? Oh, excellent choice of adjective there in your completely unsubstantiated and counterfactual claim. Once again, your Freudian slip is showing; you should really check that dearie. Thy raging misogyny is so… ripe? aflame? stereotypical? These posts are a gift to generations of feminist studies scholars.

And once again, I'm with Eckermann. --Nitz's wife

On Anti-Abortion Group Sues UCSB, Professor, Students

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