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Posted on December 16 at 10:07 a.m.

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine, Santa Cruz Public Health Dept, and nearly 60 experts who produced INDEPENDENT peer-reviewed research on RF radiation have all decried smart meters as a menace to health. The World Health Organization very recently issued a warning about RF radiation and cancer. Further, the health impacts are not dose-related, according to independent scientists. As one of the many injured by this technology, I can attest to the reality of the injuries. To read all of the above and more, go to Smart Meter Health Alerts Sounds like some commentators are speaking without doing their homework, throwing mud either out of ignorance or are part of the industry trying desperately to wiggle out of the liability angle. The strong science (over 20,000 studies) is partially referenced in 5,000 studies on Where is the proof that these are safe, naysayers? It doesn't exist, health wasn't considered by the CPUC nor were environmental impacts. That is on the record. I am a Party to the CPUC proceedings on smart meters. Don't imagine for one second that anyone cared about our health. They ignored the science and went for the money. Hard to believe? I think not.

On The Smart-Meter Racket

Posted on December 15 at 12:54 p.m.

I agree with the above opinion article. Smart meters are a menace and a scam, and should be banned, not just opted out of. Smart meters emit RF radiation equivalent to that of 160 cell phones, as they are on all the time (despite what utilities claim). They are making many people sick and a serious health risk for all. Smart meters are intrusive, tracking and recording your movements inside your home - and selling the data to multiple third parties, even making it available to law enforcement without a court order. People opt out of smart meters for many reasons. No opt-out should cost money, it should be no-cost (free) as in Vermont, statewide. No one should have to pay to ensure health or avoid risk, no one should have to pay to have privacy in their own home. Smart meters with the radio off still emit RF radiation, according to the California utilities in court-ordered documents. The opt-out should be to electromechanical analog meters only (called "legacy" meters by the industry, the traditional type of meter we had before smart meters). Those and only those do not emit RF radiation. Meters can be right by one's bed, or by children, or pregnant women. To be forced to be exposed to RF radiation a known toxin and danger, is unacceptable.

If you would like to submit written comments about smart meter opt-out fees and smart meters, please contact:
Public Advisor
California Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102-3298
Or via e-mail to
Telephone: (415) 703-2074 or toll-free: 1-866-849-8390
Teletype (TTY): (415) 703-5282 or toll-free TTY: 1-866-836-7825

On The Smart-Meter Racket

Posted on March 6 at 10:05 a.m.

The nano-second-like bursts are all day long. Adding them up does not make it safe. These are easily seen on measurements of smart meters on Youtube, also, for those doubting it. You are mistaken and your life and health depends on avoidance of this dangerous device, as does that of your loved ones. Move on to truth, or suffer the consequences of believing falsehoods and misrepresentations by industry, as they alone are the beneficiaries of smart meters.

On Smart Meters Can Be Postponed If Homeowners Act Today

Posted on March 5 at 9:44 p.m.

According to the technical data filed by the utilities in CA under court order with the CPUC in fall, 2012, the smart meters send and receive signals every few seconds 24/7, and this has also been confirmed many times with rf field meters. I have those reports. Here is one, in Media for this article, one of 22 I have written on the topic, "Revealed: SDG&E Smart Meter Technical Data and Bio-Effects" We have been lied to by the utilities before that document, by omission. They omitted the 90% of the duty cycle that keeps the mesh network up and running. " Biologically speaking, the body will see this as continuous, pulsed RFR, which is demonstrated in many studies to have serious impacts on the functioning and homeostasis of the human body. The nature of these wireless meters is that they spew out not only an intermittent RFR ‘chatter’ to the mesh network, but the mesh network itself creates up to nine-fold more RFR signals to ‘keep the network working and in touch’ and running. These figures come directly from the utilities submitting sworn information to regulators. So, the total number of signals has to include both these pulses, and also unknown but planned addition of RFR pulses from piggybacking signals from the wireless meters of proximate neighbors. If you think of a strobe light or a laser in the eyes, it is intermittent but powerfully disabling if you are forced to endure it. Signals may be very short bursts of RFR (this depends on the meter and how the utilities choose to operate), but to the human body, it is a continual 24/7 battering of the body with cellular insults.
You know perfectly well that ‘lower SAR’ and ‘lower power density’ do not automatically mean ‘lower health impacts’. To say this is to implicitly accept the ‘more is worse’ concept, which you and I and the informed world have seen is simply not true. Without doubt, you know the work of the Lund University team, Bertil Persson, Leif Salford, Henrietta Nittby and the others. Their work on RFR effects from mobile phone frequencies (same as smart meter frequencies) demonstrates in multiple studies that the lower SAR had as much or more adverse effect on pathological leakage of the blood-brain barrier and was still occurring at more than 50 days post-exposure." (

On Smart Meters Can Be Postponed If Homeowners Act Today

Posted on March 5 at 4:49 p.m.

If there are any normal people reading this, do protect yourself from smart meters. As a person sick from the smart meter on my home, I don't want others to suffer as I do. Those commentators who are so very familiar with SCE propaganda and twisting of the truth are welcome to experiment on themselves with smart meters.

On Smart Meters Can Be Postponed If Homeowners Act Today

Posted on March 5 at 2:01 p.m.


Excerpt from page 11 of 20 :

"Evidence-based Health Risks of EMFs
There is no scientific literature on the health risks of SmartMeters in particular as they are a new technology. However, there is a large body of research on the health risks of EMFs. Much of the data is concentrated on cell phone usage and as SmartMeters occupy the same energy spectrum as cell phones and depending on conditions, can exceed the whole body radiation exposure of cell phones phones (see Attachment B1, Figure 4). In terms of health risks, the causal factor under study is RF radiation whether it be from cell phones,
Wi-Fi routers, cordless phones, or SmartMeters. Therefore all available, peer-reviewed, scientific research data can be extrapolated to apply to SmartMeters, taking into consideration the magnitude and the intensity of the exposure."


page 13:

"In summary, there is no scientific data to determine if there is a safe RF exposure level regarding its non-thermal effects. The question for governmental agencies is that given the uncertainty of safety, the evidence of existing and potential harm, should we err on the side of safety and take the precautionary avoidance measures? The two unique features of SmartMeter exposure are: 1) universal exposure thus far because of mandatory installation ensuring that virtually every household is exposed; 2) involuntary exposure whether one has a SmartMeter on their home or not due to the already ubiquitous saturation of installation in Santa Cruz County. Governmental agencies for protecting public health and safety should be much more vigilant towards involuntary environmental exposures because governmental agencies are the only defense against such involuntary exposure. Examples of actions that the public might take to limit exposure to electromagnetic radiation can be found in Attachment B2."
(Santa Cruz, CA Health Dept.)

(page 12-13)
Currently, research has demonstrated objective evidence to support the EHS diagnosis, defining pathophysiological mechanisms including immune dysregulation in vitro, with increased production of selected cytokines and disruption and dysregulation of catecholamine physiology (Genuis, 2011). Until recently, the diagnosis of EHS has not received much support from the medical community due to lack of objective evidence. In an effort to determine the legitimacy of
EHS as a neurological disorder, however, a collection of scientists and physicians recently conducted a double-blinded research study that concluded that "EMF hypersensitivity can occur as a bona fide environmentally-inducible neurological syndrome (McCarty et ai',
2011 ). (Santa Cruz County Health Dept., Jan. , 2012)

On Smart Meters Can Be Postponed If Homeowners Act Today

Posted on March 5 at 1:02 p.m.
WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC):
IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans
Lyon, France: 24-31 May 2011

and Press Release on Rf (non-ionizing) radiation as 2b carcinogen

Now, who is right? :) RF radiation includes microwaves

On Smart Meters Can Be Postponed If Homeowners Act Today

Posted on March 5 at 12:57 p.m.

The CCST (CA Commission on Science and Technology) is a partner with US DOE (US Dept of Energy), funder and architect of the current smart grid upgrades, nationally. Hardly an independent source. CCST is pro-wireless.
Shills, you can't fool the public, we are on to your games.
Visit to read what researchers and physicians had to say about the heavily conflicted, cut-and-paste-industry info CCST report. Smart meters ARE dangerous. People ARE getting sick from them. We don't want nor will we allow industry to destroy our health and freedoms. Don't be fooled by these liars.

On Smart Meters Can Be Postponed If Homeowners Act Today

Posted on March 5 at 7:47 a.m.

Don't be fooled by these liars, above. It is extremely obvious that we have a long string of pieces written by 90% utility company shills. No one else would know what the industry's extensive, specific lies are, except them. Daniel Hirsch, California radiation expert and UCSC lecturer on radiation policy, has stated in a report examining the conflicted CCST and Tell claims, that smart meters are actually two orders of magnitude higher than cell phones for microwave radiation exposure. That means up to 160 times HIGHER EXPOSURE than cell phones, and the smart meters are pulsing rf microwave radiation, determined to be a class 2b carcinogen by WHO, 24/7 into your home, if you are unlucky enough to have one. This info may be seen at and All knowledgeable independent researchers and physicians who do not have a financial pony in the race decry smart meters and exposure to rf microwave radiation. The industry has hired thousands of public relations people to drum up the assurances, whereas we have many decades of research backing up the dangerous health and biological effects that people report when smart meters are installed. In fact, the technology is used in military weapons. Northern Californians were granted an opt-out by the Calif Public Utilities Commission because their 51 municipalities raised so much heck over being irradiated and sickened. We need to do the same in Southern CA. Shills, you have been outed. Begone. Citizens, read up on this topic, join the delay list at SCE, request it in writing so as not to be harassed, and lock up your analog meters so no one can force you to be harmed by high levels of pulsed radiation every few seconds (up to 100,000 daily). More at and SAY NO TO SMART METERS AND MEAN IT.

On Smart Meters Can Be Postponed If Homeowners Act Today

Posted on July 7 at 5:30 a.m.

Smart meters are a major public menace - they can ruin your health, cause death, and make your home unlivable. Residents should make every effort - even marching in the streets to protest and demand their removal. Prevail upon the governor to issue an Executive Order to stop this flawed, dangerous program and provide relief to tens of thousands who are suffering from these meters. for the science behind the harm. Beware - the utilities, who know full well these meters are harming people and do not care, are hiring public relations shills to deny the harm and manipulate the public on comment boards like this. SCE, PGE, SDGE have received tens of millions of dollars from Obama's Recovery Act funds, channeled through US Dept of Energy. The grants require completion of this deadly project or they'll have to pay back the money. It will take more than an opt-out, though this is a very good start. These dangerous meters MUST all be removed. Many, many thanks to all the fine citizens who showed up at that meeting to tell their stories and insist on getting help. If you don't have a smart meter yet, chain up your old analog meters, fence them off, and flat out refuse to allow installation. Beware, they'll do it while you are gone, unless you make it impossible. Some are placing metal bars, welded, over their old meters. Eventually they'll be outlawed, so hold out as long as you can.

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