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Posted on July 22 at 8:40 a.m.

Spirtwalker is right on target.
The guy was convicted right on the spot BECAUSE he was on probation.
It wouldn't of mattered if he had resurrected Johnny Cochrane.
Y'all know how it goes:
Here's the deal.
Don't like the deal?
Back in the hole.
Nice breakfast there at 3am. Lunch at 9. Dinner at 4.
Read the story about the food they give those people?
Santa Barbara County has already made it clear they want to DENY Medical marijuana patients access to their medicine, by closing all brick and mortar dispenseries, and busting delivery services.
They guy had a website, and when he came to me, first thing he asked to see was my ID and Doctors recommendation. Then I signed a membership agreement to the collective.
Seems ok to me.
And the meds were awesome.
"Substantial amount"?
Looks like a good 3 day weekend at Havasu to me.
THC infused.... Thats a good one.

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