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Posted on September 27 at 9:28 p.m.

Our country needs the following or something similar to better protect citizens and their property rights:

“Whoever, with intent to obtain property knowingly participates in changing, without lawful authority, a contract attached to Real Property of another person with the intent to commit, or to aid or abet, or in connection with, any unlawful activity that constitutes a violation of Federal law, or that constitutes a felony or fraud under any applicable State or Local Law, shall face fines or imprisonment for … “

Similar to Identity Theft property owners should be afforded the same legal avenues to pursue when a contract is taken behind their back, without knowledge, without consent, depriving them of the use and benefit affecting the marketability of millions of dollars in property. Sorry We the People are supposed to have guaranteed the Constitutional Right to Protect Property and our government or any of its program grantees have zero right implementing any program to violate the People.

Currently citizens such as legally disabled ones if the violator does not just do the legally, morally or ethically right thing must choose between paying lawsuit legal fees vs. medical needs. Having a potential law would then give the same rights in protecting property whereby they can file theft charges. Sorry it does not seem right that you can steal a cheap car and face charges, but if you deprive an owner and negatively affect property by potentially $100,000+ there are not similar consequences.

You are potentially asking why …

You can consider this past news article as an example of property right violations:

Per this article the owner put $384,000 into their house and after their Property Rights were violated sold instead of staying for the planned 10 years. Per the County Records "Sales and Conveyance Information” on 12/06/2010 they sold their home for $245,000 dollars (bottom of this page:

Now while the market may have fallen slightly in 2010 do you really think it affected the value by a difference of $139,000 for a home at that time? That was a huge financial LOSS most likely due to the actions of an entity who violated governing documents and state laws backed by our various federal, state, city, etc. tax dollars! The “marketability” of a home was affected because an entity purchased with the intent to take from consumers who themselves had prior VESTED property rights and also Consumer Protection rights. Problem is in fighting the battle the question becomes who has deeper pockets … an entity violating rights to implement a Federal USDA Mutual Self Help Program or a Citizen of the United States of America who just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new home for their family.

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Posted on August 16 at 9:15 p.m.

Property owners in the area who are in subdivisions with vacant lots need to keep an eye on the Mutual Self-Help Housing program. Currently this program has issues within my state in violating Property Rights. Until the issues are addressed and proper oversight in place to protect Citizens who have worked hard all their life for what they have and did so without any government handouts, then this program needs to be more closely monitored or eliminated. Keep a close eye on any documents filed with your County Records for your subdivision and know your rights!!! Do not have both you and your fellow citizen’s tax dollars utilized to violate your property rights.

Purchasing property is the single most expensive item any citizen in our country potentially purchases in their lifetime. We the people should be able to have reliance upon the “implied and expressed warranty” in essence the Declaration of CCR’s to protect our rights and decisions made when purchasing and insure proper Consumer Protection. Owners should not be required to pay out of their pocket for attorney fees when garbage is attached to their property especially when documents should not have been taken and changed in violation of any laws or governing documents in the first place. It does not matter who purchases or builds within a subdivision as long as they can meet or exceed the implied and expressed warranty the same as other owners who already have a prior VESTED right and not violate those rights.

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