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Posted on April 28 at 7:43 a.m.

Just saw this post on Noozhawk;

"I just heard the Deputy Sheriffs Association voted not to endorse a candidate. I guess that speaks volumes about Sheriff Bill Browns support from the deputies on the street and in the jail. They may have chose not to endorse Sandra but Bill is the incumbent. That must hurt his ego big time!!!"

Something is up in the Sheriff's dept…..

On 'Party Patrol' Raids Isla Vista Homes

Posted on April 24 at 6:53 a.m.

“We’ve kept this on the front burner, Rep. Lois Capps told reporters"

Would that be on the re-election campaign front burner??

What a do nothing political puppet with a narcissist County Sheriff telling us what they are NOW going to do.

If voters keep voting for these people you get what you deserve….

On Pangas Still a Problem?

Posted on April 22 at 8:24 a.m.

Well that will be a useless endorsement. Why would they wait until May? Oh wait, is there a possible promotion in the works???

One would think that the DSA would endorse fairly early so that the voters would have a chance to know who the people that work at the Sheriffs office want as their boss. It also helps these candidates who are seeking money to pay for expensive campaigns.

"Qualified"? What makes him qualified? Because you say so? Just because someone is "Qualified" doesn't make them leaders. Remember Sheriff Anderson? He was "Qualified" but was thrown out of office after one term due to bumbling mistakes. Pieces of paper hanging on walls don't tell the whole story about people. There is a reason Brown is a transient office holder, (LA cop, Moscow, ID Chief, Lompoc Chief, SBSO Sheriff) the grass is always greener some place else. Brown is only looking to pad his resume for his next place of employment….

Your right formersbso, this therapy session talking about common sense is actually doing me some good. Thanks for the advice….

On Fire Official Admits to Stealing Union Funds

Posted on April 21 at 7:50 a.m.

Is that all you have formersbso? As a "former" undercover detective I would have thought you would be able to come up with something more helpful.

Like I told you, I don't need anger management classes as I live in the real world. Where common sense prevails and lemmings like yourself keep voting for the same narcissists who believe they are the only ones who can run a department.

Please formersbso your lack of any other substantive material that would justify another 4 years for this individual and who has zero support from his line staff shows us all that being a paid political consultant isn't what it used to be.

Still no endorsement from the deputies union formersbso!! I thought you said he was loved???

On Fire Official Admits to Stealing Union Funds

Posted on April 20 at 8:23 a.m.

KV, was talking about how much man power does it take to put a class together with convicted felons in jail to protect the Yoga instructor. I really don't see a benefit to this. Just my humbled opinion….

On Big Plans for the Big House

Posted on April 20 at 8:13 a.m.

formersbso, you here?? Are you reading what is being posted??

Looks like most people here figured him out really quickly. I thought you said you were a detective??

On Fire Official Admits to Stealing Union Funds

Posted on April 18 at 9:02 p.m.


you think that is expensive have you heard they are giving yoga classes in jail???

I just heard this today!!!!! You might want to ask the Sheriff Bill Brown about this one….

On Big Plans for the Big House

Posted on April 18 at 8:58 p.m.

formersbso, no I haven't, don't need to. I'm grounded with REALITY…

Have you read the other posts on this thread? Don't think there is much respect on this one……

But you keep trying though, you might win one…...

On Fire Official Admits to Stealing Union Funds

Posted on April 18 at 7:13 a.m.

formersbso, you crack me up.

I don't care if he was the first "whatever" in any profession. He was a crook who stole from his own people. What does that say about him??

Please spare me the crocodile tears about someone who "made a mistake". The jail is full of people who "made a mistake' and are now paying for their crimes.

Oh and wait, he didn't turn himself in because he felt remorse he was caught through an audit and couldn't scurry away from his crime fast enough. Then retired before the charges were filed and now lives on a county pension. What a joke.

BTW, have you spoken to all the victims in the fire union about "what" they think about Perez???

On Fire Official Admits to Stealing Union Funds

Posted on April 17 at 7:18 a.m.

"Brown said the process is on time and on budget, with $80 million in state money set aside for construction and a revenue-growth-reliant plan to pay for the $15.8 million in operating costs ​— " The number changes with the wind..

Now that's funny!!! He can't even tell the BOS how much it is going to cost the taxpayers per year and our Heads up a$$ BOS members won't even ask for the true costs!!

Another brain surgeon as a BOS member said,

"Supervisor Doreen Farr took issue with it. “Wow. I just have to tell you, I wouldn’t want to be responsible for 64 people for four hours at a church picnic,” she said."

Someone should tell Doreen she is a Supervisor responsible for over 100,000 people in her district. What a tool……...

On Big Plans for the Big House

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