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Posted on January 2 at 12:19 p.m.

Thankfully Wendy has a huge pile of money available to keep this stuff going. Vowing to exhaust every possible appellate process available in order to avoid implementation of the recommendation of the administrative judge will hopefully only work to delay the inevitable and result in an increase in the back pay, attorney fees and other costs and expenses Wendy is so very capable of funding. She is simply following a pattern of behavior she's followed after each loss she suffers within the judicial system. Justice, as it turns out, [at least temporarily], is really for the rich.
In the midst of all of the wonderful expenditure of legal fees on the heels of the illegal firing of the reporters and employees, Wendy and local drinking water expert, Artie "The palette", Von Double Cheeseburger, provided further evidence of their complete departure from reality with strategic placement of the wonderfully delightful expose on the rating of various Champagnes. The front page of the Wendy Press included the story of a woman who was the beneficiary of the donations and charity of individuals and an organization assisting in ensuring the woman and her family would be able to enjoy Christmas and receipt of gifts for her children. Consistent with the true understanding and meaning of the holiday spirit, upon opening the paper readers were delighted to see the large and engaging snout of Wendy's water boy, and delight in reading Arthur's pretentious navigation through the incredible and exciting nuances of $150.00 plus bottles of bubbly. Another touch of wondrous sensitivity from our very own version of Marie Antoinette. I've got to keep this short, my butler has notified me my driver has arrived. I don't want to be late for tea.

On <em>Santa Barbara News-Press</em> Body Slammed in NLRB Decision

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